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UO "updates" Affirmative Action Plan

9/24/2012 update: 

From: Penny Daugherty Subject: RE: 2012-2013 AA planDate: September 24, 2012 12:46:33 PM PDT
Cc: Annie Bentz

The reference to October 31, 2010 data in footnote 8 is in error.  I will work with staff to make the necessary correction, and arrange for the copy posted on our webpage to be corrected.  Thanks for bringing this error to my attention.


9/19/2012 update: As a commenter points out, Randy Geller just got Mike Gottfredson to sign a backdated federal document. I’m no law professor, but I’m told that can be a pretty big deal.

Maybe Gottfredson did this knowingly, figuring it’s a harmless coverup. Or maybe Geller was less than complete in briefing Gottfredson on the long history of this backdating, the OFCCP agent’s statement that this was fraud, and UO’s promises to the OFCCP investigators to stop, and the news stories. He just sent it over for a signature, thinking that by the time Gottfredson figured it all out, he’d be in so deep he’d be part of the JH coverup instead of the cleanup. I guess will find out someday.

9/18/2012 update: On Friday UO posted its 2012-13 Affirmative Action Plan, some 11 weeks late. Frohnmayer used to backdate these plans – once by some 16 months – to make it appear that UO was in compliance with the federal requirement for annual updates. Gottfredson has now done the same. UO promised the OFCCP they would stop doing this several years ago. From an October 2008 ODE story by reporter Jessie Higgins:

She [Penny Daugherty] acknowledged that the phrase, “effective date” is misleading, and that future plans will use an alternate wording. “(This) will eliminate what I can only assume is genuine confusion,” Daugherty said. She added that although the University is required to create a new Affirmative Action Plan annually, there is not a specific date it must be completed. 

But a former official in the U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program said that is simply not true. 

“The plan is suppose to be updated annually; it is a 12-month plan,” said Harold Busch, the former OFCCP Director of Program Operations. “That means (the contractor) needs to have a new plan in effect at that date. You can choose the date … but you must be consistent.”

Effective July 1? Really?

From: Penny Daugherty Subject: RE: 2012-2013 AA planDate: August 13, 2012 5:23:52 PM PDT
To: [ ]
Cc: Annie Bentz
Hello [ ],

Preparation of the plan was a bit delayed.  However, it was submitted last week for administrative review and presidential approval.  I expect to have the updated 2012-13 Plan posted soon.


As usual, the job group with the most glaring minority under-representation is UO’s central administration. Hardly a shock, given their good-old-boy hiring strategy. And no one familiar with Penny Daugherty’s work will be surprised at a comparison of footnote 8 from this new plan with footnote 6 from last year’s plan. Yup, both plans are based on the same 2010 UO workforce data, now 2 years out of date. Or maybe that’s a typo. (That’s what an email I just got from Daugherty claims.) Or maybe the whole damn plan is a typo. Either way, I’m sure you’re as shocked as me to see that the competent legal review by Randy Geller’s office, which apparently held up approval of this Plan for 8 weeks or so, missed this little problem.

2012-2013 plan:

2011-2012 plan:

9/10/2012 update: Now 10 weeks late, and Randy’s not answering questions as to why. UO can’t bother to comply with basic federal affirmative action law, but our administrators have plenty of time to compile 5 year “Diversity Action Plans” and plenty of money for the UMRP and to hire consultants to train “diversity search advocates” to sit on faculty hiring committees.

8/20/2012. It’s now 7 weeks late, hardly the first time Penny Daugherty has failed to meet the federal OFCCP deadline for our Affirmative Action Plan. She tells me she’s submitted it, so presumably it’s now sitting on Randy Geller’s desk, waiting for some of that sweet “competent legal review”. Check that UMRP part extra carefully, Randy.


  1. Diverse 09/11/2012

    You may wish to share your abhorance of the Diversity Action Plans, UMRP program and diversity search advocates. I hope it is not like the guy who was asked what he does not like about Obamacare and he stated “Oh its just the Obama part I don’t like”.

  2. Anonymous 09/12/2012

    Our admins are a complete joke. Fewer and fewer shining lights anywhere.

  3. Angry old lady 09/16/2012

    That “joke” has made them very wealthy now and in retirement. Despicable money grabbers at the expense of everyone else. With no compliance, using self written non approved policies and procedures and clearly not one proper search for any of them. PD is their best resource for their greed…has served them well.

  4. Bat Girl 09/17/2012

    Question for any labor lawyers out there: Is it legal on these things to use the same data for several years without updating it?

  5. Anonymous 09/17/2012

    Using the “When all else fails, Manipulate the Data” mode of operation I see.
    Now they are kicking themselves, realizing they should have used an even smaller font size for item #8.

    It’s the University of Oregon 2012-2013 Affirmative INaction Plan!

  6. Anonymous 09/17/2012

    Why do we put up with this? Can we raise money to produce one of those fancy halftime commercials at a duck game, but use it to call out the incompetence we face here?

    • Anonymous 09/17/2012

      You really think this would be an effective use of our time and money? How ironic.

    • Eyes wide open 09/18/2012

      It’s a waste of time.
      Anyone that is there to stop this incompetence has already been bought and paid to look the other way.
      When one does report…they act like they are aghast with surprise. Then call you a liar.
      Then all the sudden you find yourself being harassed with well rehearsed and institutionally practiced bully boss behavior and then

      ….your fired.

      No one that can stop it cares. We are stuck with the pile of dung that has infested and putrefied this university until it is nothing more than a money making machine for the select few.

    • Anonymous 09/19/2012

      So yes, I do think it is worth the time and money. The only stage they care about visits here on Saturdays. We should use it.

    • Anonymous 09/19/2012

      I doubt football fans are going to listen to a bunch of whining about university administrators. Your more likely to cause the opposite effect. But if you think it would work – go for it. Throwing the idea out on the uomatters comment section isn’t going to get you much traction though. You’ll actually have to do some work.

  7. Anonymous 09/18/2012

    Penny’s office is improving sustainability by recycling diversity numbers.

  8. Eyes wide open 09/18/2012

    She has been recycling numbers for YEARS or outright making them up! I’m still trying to figure out where they get their veteran numbers. What’s with that bogus bag of crap. They may accidentally hire a veteran but they sure don’t go seeking veterans for employment.

    And what kind of compliance do they spout for ADA compliance. Gotta be a bag of dung. Does she mention in there anywhere you will be harassed endlessly and then fired if you file an ADA claim? guaranteed!

    And what does that plan say about age discrimination….they have been systematically harassing and firing ter1 retirement employees for years. So where are those numbers…

    To bug her office would be….interesting to say the least.

  9. Anonymous 09/18/2012

    PD and RG got MG to sign a backdated federal document. Priceless.

    • Anonymous 09/19/2012

      You think he sees what he has stepped into yet? Do you think he’ll be any different? I’m still hopeful.

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