Hubin tries to salvage his reputation on transparency

by passing the buck to an “Administrative Advisory Group”, though I suppose it’s possible he’s looking for cover to do the right thing.

Last I heard Dave was still claiming that the $200 fee waiver policy he and Berdahl rescinded in May had really only been implemented by Lariviere on a “trial basis”. The truth is it was just a bit too effective for our administration to stomach – particularly Bean and Geller, who suffered dearly from documents obtained using it. Berdahl of course had his own reason for hating public records laws. It will be interesting to see what sort of people Dave is able to convince to sit on this group. 10/9/2012.

[Sent 9/28/2012]
TO:                        Deans, Leadership Council, Executive Leadership Team
FROM:                 Dave Hubin, Senior Assistant to the President
Subject:               Public Records Appointment and Administrative Advisory Group                        

Dear Colleagues,
                I write with two purposes. First to announce the appointment of Ms. Lisa Thornton as the University’s Public Records Officer.  She comes to this position with exceptional qualifications and a deep commitment to our university and to public transparency. You might find it interesting to look at the website of our Public Records Office–, which includes a log of requests, a library of links to previously sought information, and a section of frequently asked questions.
                Second, I write to ask your assistance in forming a new Public Records Administrative Advisory Group, which will provide guidance and counsel on the  practices of our Office of Public Records. In comprising this group, I am seeking representation from across disciplines as well as across campus constituencies, including our teaching faculty, officers of research, officers of administration, classified staff and student body. The Senate Transparency Committee and the Senate Executive Committee will also be represented, with a member invited to serve from each committee.
I encourage you to suggest names of individuals you believe would offer productive and diverse contributions to this new administrative advisory group by Friday, October 12th.   Thank you.

Best Regards,
Dave Hubin

David R. Hubin, Ph.D.
Senior Assistant to the President
University of Oregon

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One Response to Hubin tries to salvage his reputation on transparency

  1. Angry old lady says:

    Dave should retire and give it up.

    Typical administration play…to shut them up and make us look good, start an advisory group. Makes us look like we care. Right I get it. Haven’t we all seen this play before?

    The simple fact that this public institutions administration is doing any kind of business that needs to be hidden from public view is despicable at best. It gives credence to the thought that there is some underhanded business going on around here…(ok don’t laugh too hard) and that thought alone gives free thought to toss the entire administration out the door.

    I want to think the UO is better than that…but proof is in the can…thanks to the administration we’re not.

    We should all give out thanks to our former pres…DF and his side kick Dave H for what our University has become…their proud of it…why can’t we be just as proud? hummmmm where should we start…..