UO fails public records audit, President in denial

The Daily Emerald reports their audit of UO public records requests finds significant problems with the UO General Counsel’s compliance with the law. But the president is denying anything is wrong:

“If there were a persistent violator or you had the door slammed in your face, that would indicate training would be needed,” he said. “Again, based on a scan, you haven’t persuaded me that the University is seriously deficient in something that indicates a systematic or even a careless inattention to the law.”

The UO president goes on to blame any lack of transparency at UO on Islamic terrorism:

“There are lots of things that in post 9-11, pre-9-11 would have seemed very innocuous, but people are in a very different frame of mind,” he said. “Granted some of that may even seem to approach paranoia, but it’s not unreasonable in terms of how some people have been urged to react in terms of those kinds of issues.”

Wait, sorry, that story is from 2005, and it’s about Grier. The quotes are from Frohnmayer, link here. This was five years before the $2.3 million Bellotti meltdown and the Grier firing, and was rather prescient.

Now that Frohnmayer’s longtime assistant Dave Hubin is in charge of UO public records, and Osama Bin Laden is dead, I’m sure everything is fine with UO transparency.

But maybe the Emerald should try making some public records requests, just to make sure? You could start with the Robin Holmes / EMU election manipulation emails – whoops, someone beat you to it. 10/31/2012.
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