Hubin doesn’t appoint Grier to head public records committee

President Gottfredson has passed the public records buck to Dave Hubin, who has passed it to a committee. It’s a mixed bag of appointees, mostly administrators, ranging from apathetic to obviously conflicted to excellent. None have recent experience making public records requests to UO.

Their charge – or at least the part of it Hubin is willing to make public – is limited to questions about the FAQ on the Public Records website. Tell me you are joking Dave.

I wonder what this “Advisory Group” will do if they get information about violations of Oregon public records law by the PR or General Counsel’s office?

From: David Hubin
Sent: Thursday, November 01, 2012 1:48 PM
To: Barbara Altmann; Dietrich Belitz; John Bonine; Julie Brown; ASUO President; Renee Irvin; Orca Merwin; Jennifer O’Neal; Allie O’Connor; Craig Pintens; Kim Sheehan; Greg Stripp; ‘[email protected]‘; Timothy Gleason; ‘[email protected]
Cc: President Gottfredson; Public Record Requests; Deanna Heying
Subject: FW: The Membership and Meeting Plans for the Public Records Administrative Advisory Group

November 1, 2012

TO:         Members of the Public Records Administrative Advisory Group:
                                Barbara Altman, Professor, Romance Languages
                                Dietrich Belitz, Professor, Physics
                                John Bonine, Professor, Law
                                Julie Brown, Senior Director of Media Relations
                                Laura Hinman, ASUO President
                                Renee Irvin, Professor, Public Policy Planning and Management
                                Orca Merwin, Research Contracts Officer
                                Jennifer O’Neal, University Historian and Archivist
                                Allie O’Connor, Senior Contracts Manager
                                Craig Pintens, Senior Associate Athletic Director for Public Relations
                                Kim Sheehan, Professor, Journalism
                                Greg Stripp, Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration
                                Jaime Tryon, Transfer Articulation Specialist, Registrar
                                Tim Gleason, Dean, School of Journalism and Communication (or designe)
                                TBA, Dean, School of Law (or designe)

FROM:   Dave Hubin, Senior Assistant to the President

Dear Colleagues,

Thank you for agreeing to serve on the new Administrative Advisory Group.  Your advice to our Public Records Office on the administrative functions associated with fulfilling our responsibilities will be valuable.

I anticipate that the group will meet once per term, with our first meeting in early December. The Office of the President will send you a “doodle calendar” with some possible dates and times for you to indicate your availability. Prior to our first meeting, I will send you an agenda and some materials related to our Public Records procedures. Public Records Officer Lisa Thornton and I will also be sharing information on how comparator public institutions within the AAU approach their public records services, as well as the approaches of sister institutions within OUS, and other public agencies within the state.

I encourage you to become familiar with our Public Records Office website  As you examine the website, I ask you to consider questions such as:

·         Is the site clear in its portrayal of the Public Records Office’s mission?
·         How can we make the online resources more complete and useful?  For example, is there a pattern to requests that suggests certain types of information in offices and units could be posted proactively?
·         Are there additional topics or questions that we should address in the FAQ’s?

Lisa and I look forward to working with you and to your counsel.



David R. Hubin, Ph.D.
Senior Assistant to the President
University of Oregon

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10 Responses to Hubin doesn’t appoint Grier to head public records committee

  1. Respected Former Managing Editor says:

    I wish there were an economics professor at UO who was a qualified public records expert and could serve on this body.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Answers to questions 2 & 3: Post every procurement contract, most personnel contracts over a certain amount ($100K?), and every contract related to Athletics. When records are available in electronic form, post them on the Public Records site as well as given to the requestor. Or just post every public record regarding major news stories.

    That’s if the mission of the office was to actually provide records and not stonewall. Frankly some of those requests are ridiculous. Why does it take a public records request to see how much Kelly makes on a bowl game? Responding to basic media inquiries like that should be the job of one of the many PR flacks.

    Where do I collect my consulting check?

  3. Anonymous says:

    It’s good to see you’re finally “monetizing” the uomatters site.

  4. Angry old lady says:

    What I question is at what point did the University have so much to hide? Remember the days of honesty? Working together for the good of the students and faculty? Anyone remember?

    I do.

    I think our insidious troubles can be pinpointed down to one person….someone we all know…someone that comes across publicly as honest…but we all know…that ain’t true. That’s where all the secrecy came from.

    I’m thinking, if our administrators are hiding something with such vengeance…its got to be illegal.

    OH WAIT!!!! ILLEGAL? Oh say it isn’t so, not at the UofO!

    • Anonymous says:

      uomatters deleted my first reply to your comment, presumably because it didn’t have any content. Except that doesn’t explain why he didn’t delete yours…

    • UO Matters says:

      Sorry, I thought it was spam – feel free to repost.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Look on the bright side – no Randy Geller or Doug Park.

  6. Bat Girl says:

    Hard to feel good about this. I know one person on this list well and know them to be incompetent and possessing all the traits that we’ve come to expect from Johnson Hall — slavish loyalty to the petty bureaucrats above them, limited intellect and lack of moral compass. I shuddered when I saw their name here.

    • Anonymous says:

      sounds like a combination of Russ Tomlin (incompetent) and Lorraine Davis (slavish loyalty to the petty bureaucrats). Now that’s something to look forward to!