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Mullens gives more cash to money-losing baseball coach

11/16/2012: Adam Jude has the story in the Oregonian. Horton’s program loses a cool $1.5 million a year, not to mention the upcoming $5 million balloon payment the athletic department owes on the loan Kilkenny used to build the ball park he named after himself. But Rob Mullens pays Horton $500,000 plus a cut of the gate. He’s losing money, so Mullens will pay him based on the gross! These guys are always so generous when they spend our money on themselves. A reader points me to this Mark Johnson story in the RG.

Gottfredson approved this raise for a coach, but not the 3.5% raise for faculty that the union has proposed.

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  1. Anonymous 11/17/2012

    Only in sports is a $50,000 raise in base salary called “a modest increase.” (See Mark Johnson in today’s RG).

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