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Need 3 quick credits to play ball?

Update 11/15/2012: Their accrediting agency is now investigating these courses. Are UO athletes using them or similar to pass the requirements for UO degrees? I’ll put the question to NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative Jim O’Fallon.

11/11/2012: Brad Wolverton at the Chronicle has the scoop on how athletes are gaming the NCAA’s academic progress requirements with cheap and easy online courses, here

A few years ago, Chris Jeffries started noticing that many junior-college players were taking “Finite Mathematics” at Adams State. According to the online course description, that class teaches such concepts as linear programming, probability, and descriptive statistics. Adams State officials are aware that many athletes have enrolled. 

Ms. Jeffries, an athletics counselor at El Camino College, in California, has a pretty good idea why: “They can’t pass basic arithmetic here, but they’re all passing finite math online.”

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