Nov 7 2012 Senate Meeting Liveblog

Liveblog: These are my paraphrasings, not quotes.


Lots of new students, good market signal of perceived quality of UO faculty and staff. Honors for math and architecture.

Likely to get no new money from state, will be extra costs. Important capital budget requests, e.g. Straub.

Optimistic about university board, strong report from leg. committee, important. Areas of concern, but no details on those. Expects to get it passed.

Admin evaluations: Believes strongly in this, ELT has been talking, annual by supervisors, periodic routine self, peer, and faculty input in 5th year.

Stahl asks if motions will be dealt with under old constitution? No answer.

Updating of academic plan. He’s going to use a blog to develop metrics. No resignation, as of yet.

Kyr: Random Drug OAR plan:
1) No vote, since these are admin revisions.
2) But there are scholarship/academic issues in the old plan. The IAC will consider current policies for revoking scholarships and prepare report for January, additional chance for discussion. Seems like good solution.

Motions on administrative hiring and reviews: Both passed unanimously.

Motion on the 6%: yes.

Police: Kelly McGiver:
Slick powerpoint.
Discussion on guns will come later, maybe Jan meeting.
Everyone else has armed police (and they smoke pot, Mom. It’s no big deal, honest.)
Procedures are moving forward …
Want to start hiring line officers …
Q from student Will Steiner: Any evidence that police increase safety? McGiver: I’ll get back to you.
Many good questions, he offers to take more online and provide answers. Sounds like a good process.

Ken Doxsee: Accreditation will require assessment (of students, not of administrators.)
SERU – what students report they learn.
What do they really learn? No recent info.
Asks departments to cooperate with him to develop general skills and specific skills measure.

Laura Hinman: Wants to lower the cost of partying.

David Luebke: Brief union negotiating bargaining announcement: Things are moving forward. Union is ready to start bargaining, has had a discussion about bargaining rules, has requested that UO start bargaining and will meet Nov 20 to work out process. Bargaining proposals will be posted on web site as they are submitted. Membership drive is moving forward, elections soon, etc.

Kyr: Senate needs someone to run for Pres next year

New Motions:
Will Steiner, ASUO: Motion to encourage more study space and classrooms.
Nathan Tublitz: Performance review of Bean, to be presented at the Jan meeting. I’ll be there, Nathan.
Frank Stahl: Urges Gottfredson to get on it about Senate Constitution.

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