Gottfredson on academic probation, Bean flunks out, even dogs lose confidence

Fall grades are due at noon. The modal view is that Gottfredson hasn’t shown enough participation to earn a grade. Otherwise it looks like a D+ average. As a freshman he gets another quarter to try and bring it up to a 2.0.

Bean’s grades look like something we’d expect from one of Lorraine Davis’s special athletic admits. Sorry Jim, but your best option now is a community college. Or maybe one of Yong Zhao’s online courses. 12/11/2012.

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3 Responses to Gottfredson on academic probation, Bean flunks out, even dogs lose confidence

  1. Anonymous says:

    Dog Says

    All kidding aside, the grade distribution for Bean, even accounting for the self-selected voter malcontent quotient, is really quite amazing. The sample size is decent (~120) and
    from that, the observed fact that only 7% of respondents (presumably faculty) think that Bean is doing better than a C for his performance is devastating. Its therefore completely outrageous that he remains the provost because he has damn close to zero faculty support.

    • UO Matters says:

      Nathan Tublitz has a motion in the Senate for the Jan meeting, calling on Gottfredson to make Bean explain his lack of performance to the faculty.

      When Nathan drafted this in November, I told him I though it was a long shot he’d get a single vote. I think now it is sure to pass, and perhaps be quickly followed by a call for a vote of no confidence.

      As the Dude said, “New shit has come to light, Dog”

    • Anonymous says:

      Dog replies

      yeah the poll results suggest No Confidence would be appropriate.

      In fact, I challenge lurkers out there to come with a defensible reason why there should be any confidence.

      Note to the editor: In general dogs don’t like bowling.