Legislature creates Higher Ed Committee

Emily Schiola and Dashiell Paulson have the story in the ODE. There are no Eugene or Lane County representatives on the House Higher Ed Committee:

NE Portland: Michael Dembrow, Co-Chair
Hood River: Mark Johnson, Co-Chair
NW Portland: Mitch Greenlick, Co-Vice Chair
Sweet Home: Sherrie Sprenger, Co-Vice Chair
Beaverton: Chris Harker
Clackamas County: Dave Hunt
Hillsboro: Shawn Lindsay
Clackamas: Patrick Sheehan

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3 Responses to Legislature creates Higher Ed Committee

  1. According to a press release by the legislation, the committee (Higher Education and Workforce Development) will be chaired by Michael Dembrow and include eight other house members:
    Chris Harker, Vice Chair
    John Huffman, Vice Chair
    Vic Gilliam
    Joe Gallegos
    Chris Gorsek
    Mitch Greenlick
    Mark Johnson
    Gene Whisnant


  2. Angry old lady says:

    There is no representation from Eugene because …the way I see it is that in a few years the UO will be sold to the highest bidder (and we all know who that is) then the JH greedy slime balls from DF to present day will be the board and a shoe maker will be the CEO/President.

    It could be that the legislators have inside information that the UO will become private and they have their own board in line. Clearly they don’t want someone on the outside telling them what to do. And of course…that’s all good!

    Any better suggestions? With the history of the UO lately, and with all the suck up greedy back scratching of the JH brotherhood for the last few decades. It’s like writing on the wall. Bought and sold.

    So if ya all can get out now…better get-ta-running or ya all be working for the man and his board. ugh…ain’t a pretty sight.

  3. Anonymous says:

    UO is about to be rolled by the Oregon Idea.