Oregon loses to Tennessee on transparency

Both came from public records requests for invoices from the same firm, for their work on NCAA infractions:

UO’s redactions
UT’s redactions

Randy Geller has gotten much cockier lately, for Sharon Rudnick’s invoices he redacts everything
Richard Lariviere made a point of saying that the General Counsel’s office was out of control, firing Melinda Grier, and setting up an independent Public Records Office. But then Geller outsmarted Lariviere and hired Melinda Grier’s old friend Liz Denecke to run the office. Disastrous hire. After pressure from the Senate Transparency Committee Lariviere eventually put Dave Hubin in charge, and after more pressure – including a letter from Oregonian editor Peter Bhatia – he moved Denecke on to something less, uh, visible. 
But after Berdahl took over, Hubin started letting Geller walk all over him. And Gottfredson hasn’t done anything to fix UO’s public records problems – not yet anyway. At UC-Irvine public records requests went through Gottfredson’s office. Their policies are here and are a huge step up from Geller and Hubin. Example?


  • We typically provide requested documents in electronic form and there is no charge for this.  If, on the other hand, you are requesting a photocopy of records, you may be charged 10 cents per page for the duplication of documents (California Government Code, Section 6253(b)).  In the event that data must be queried, you may be charged with the associated programming and production costs (California Government Code, Section 6253.9(b)).

    Requesters will be notified of any associated costs prior to the release of documents.

More as this develops, starting with the meeting of Hubin’s administrator group, tomorrow at 9AM. 12/17/12.

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