Rob Mullens loves the Forum

Joe Nocera of the NYT on the corrupting influence of big-time college sports money. The occasion?:

The annual IMG Intercollegiate Athletics Forum, held last week in Midtown Manhattan, is the kind of meeting where football games are routinely described as “product,” television networks are “distribution channels,” and rooting for State U. is an example of “brand loyalty.” 

Christ have we heard a lot of this sort of crap from Rob Mullens and Craig Pintens lately. So is this where it comes from? Sure enough, follow the IMG link, and guess who’s giving a testimonial:

“I have attended several times and have enjoyed participating. A great deal of business and networking happens around the Forum.”Rob MullensAthletic DirectorUniversity of Oregon 

Nocera goes on to call out university presidents for having no spines. No, it’s that they’ve been bought off. 12/10/12.

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