Questions for Provost Bean’s performance review – suggestions welcome

1/15/2013 Update: Here’s a news story on how the University of Arizona got rid of their Provost and President. It started with a motion like the one that the UO Senate will vote on Wednesday, regarding Bean. This led to a survey of the faculty, run by the Senate, who had complaints remarkably similar to those many of UO’s faculty have about Bean and Johnson Hall in general. Both the President and Provost were replaced. Interestingly, Gottfredson applied for the UA job, but didn’t get it. The former UA President moved on to replace the Fiesta Bowl’s felonious prior CEO, John Junkers.

Questions for Bean:

1) Please list what you think are the top 5 criteria for UO to maintain its AAU membership, tell us UO’s current rank on these criteria among the AAU, and explain what steps you have taken to maintain or improve UO’s rank on these criteria since you were appointed interim Provost in 2008.

2) In your proposal for last year’s sabbatical you say:

Please explain how your sabbatical has made you a more effective provost.

3) On your return from sabbatical Lorraine Davis gave you these job duties:

Please list any significant accomplishments on these tasks.

4) ?

5) ?

6) ?

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11 Responses to Questions for Provost Bean’s performance review – suggestions welcome

  1. Anonymous says:

    Will you be the scapegoat/sacrificial lamb for faculty unionization?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I have a three parter…
    1) What percentage of 15 is 7?
    2) How many faculty are employed at the University of Oregon?
    3) As you were thinking about your response to question 2, three faculty members have escaped the madness you’ve enabled. What percent of the faculty did we just loose?

  3. Anonymous says:

    Same as above, but substitute VP for research Kimberley Espy

    • Anonymous says:

      1) Reduce debt in VPR office
      Sounds like it is being reduced
      2) Bring about compliance
      Mixed. Many areas have better compliance, others like human subjects is still a mess.
      3) Increase research standing
      Probably her worst area. The lack of start-up funds has reduced new hires to almost nothing, lost a few existing high quality labs and didn’t close the deal on luring some other good hires.

      I think she is better than Bean.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Here’s one:

    1. Describe how you have made our Colleges better through your selection, leadership and supervision of College Deans. (Or, when the F#@& will you get rid of the disastrous Kees de Kluyver? I know you handpicked him despite loud resistance from many in LCB but geez when is enough, enough?)

  5. Angry old lady says:

    After reading Lorrain’s letter of expectations I have one comment.

    He gets paid HOW MUCH FOR THIS? ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME? We have highly talented classified employees that can pull off these tasks better that this bag of hot air and they do it everyday for a penny of his bloated salary! Good God people wake the fuck up….we have all been screwed by these people…royally!

    • Anonymous says:

      And you’ve been sitting there taking it this entire time! Come on AOL – grab your pitchfork and get off your duff!

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s for the month of transition. Read carefully.

    • Angry old lady says:

      Get off my duff…grab a pitchfork…Oh yea of little knowledge….I laugh. If only you knew…:~)

      Month of transition???? He should be transitioned out of here!!!

  6. Anonymous says:

    “1” might be a little tough, but there’s enough wiggle room with the economic downturn and his leave that it shouldn’t be a problem. “2” and “3” should be total softballs.

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