Rob Mullens on "the industry", plus concussion contest!

1/18/13. Rob Moseley of the RG extracts a little too much honesty from UO’s well incentivized Athletic Director Rob Mullens, talking about the search for a new football coach:

“I think we do things the right way here; I think most people in the industry absolutely understand that,” Mullens said. “I just have confidence that, industry wide, people know what’s going on here, and people are doing it the right way.”

Uh, you’re supposed to take your $500K and pretend this is all about academics and amateurs, Rob.

Then there’s this quick contest. A free UO Matters coffee cup to the first winner, and apologies to Joe Moseley of “Around the O”, from whom I stole the idea:

  1. Research from UO’s Human Physiology program says concussion danger lasts for ____ months?
  2. Coach Dana Altman played Arsalan Kazemi against Oregon State ____ days after a concussion?
  3. ____% of UO athletes that know how to game the athletic department’s concussion test?
  4. UO has $____ million in insurance coverage from United Educators for an NFL type concussion lawsuit?
  5. VPFA Jamie Moffitt is making the athletic department pay $____ for this coverage, while hanging the rest on the academic side?
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4 Responses to Rob Mullens on "the industry", plus concussion contest!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Please, can the faculty and students of this institution do something to protect the health of our student athletes, secure their ability to seek out compensation for the economic damages inflicted on them as these fat cats get rich? If the Answer to 4 is zero, I’m going to be sick.

  2. ellen says:

    1. 2
    2. 7
    3. Approx 90%, some of them really are quite good-natured ;) they just love the game
    4. Several
    5. Less than half

  3. Anonymous says:

    1. 2
    2. 7
    3. Even the freshmen have figured that out… 100%.
    4. Goose egg
    5. Nada

  4. Not legal advice says:

    That photo is defamation per se