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Tomlin course, Bean’s accomplishments, Provost search

Say what you will about former VPAA Russ Tomlin, at least he is teaching courses for his 600 hours, instead of taking the easy way out with the usual administrative sinecure for retiring VPs:

It’s going to be an interesting list of guest speakers. Maybe UO’s General Counsel Emerita, Melinda Grier?

Speaking of sinecures, Sam Stites has a piece in the ODE on Bean. Not clear when he’ll actually teach: my guess is he collects his $320K (plus beamer?) for next year doing some minor administrative make-work jobs:

“I’ve been honored to be able to serve in this position, but I want to return to help develop the next opportunities for the University to improve its AAU ratings and applying my experience from my time at Michigan,” Bean said.

But I suppose it’s possible the B-School pushes out Kees and brings him back as Dean. Is it? You can always count on Frohnmayer to find something kind to say about a fellow administrator:

Former UO president and current law professor Dave Frohnmayer expressed his gratitude toward Bean’s tenure as provost. Frohnmayer said that without Bean’s Big Ideas project — a campaign to elicit ideas for academic and research improvement in an open forum style — the UO would have missed major opportunities for programs that may not have surfaced otherwise. 

And in the article Nathan Tublitz announces a follow up to his wonderfully successful Senate motion on a performance review of Bean: a motion for an open, faculty led search. The last open search got us Linda Brady. 2/25/13.


  1. Anonymous 02/25/2013

    Dog says

    Bad Title:

    Course should be

    How Universities are supposed to work …

    • Anonymous 02/26/2013

      How would Tomlin know? The only thing that worked when he was VP was the performance review that got rid of him. Will his guest speakers include all the other administrators that left in disgrace, like him? Is he going to give a course on how to speak clearly and concisely next?

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