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"Depend upon it, sir, when a man knows …

… he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.” Samuel Johnson

Lame Duck Interim Provost Bean figures out how to give himself another raise, regardless of whether Gottfredson lets him have an administrative sinecure next year, or makes him start teaching. Fortunately it means raises for the rest of us too. “Around the O” has the details.

March 4, 2013 
TO:                 Officers of instruction, research and administration
FROM:            Provost Jim Bean
SUBJECT:     Multi-year salary adjustment program
With the cost of living increasing each year, it is critical that the University of Oregon be able to provide periodic adjustments to salaries in order to recruit and retain the highest-quality faculty and staff.  This is not something the UO has been able to do on a consistent basis for a number of years.  With that fact in mind, I am pleased to announce a new multi-year program that will provide cost of living adjustments along with the possibility of merit/equity increases.
For the academic year 2012-2013, this program will provide a 1.5% cost of living adjustment (COLA) retroactive to Jan. 1, 2013 for all officers of instruction and officers of research who began employment on or before June 30, 2012.
In the academic year 2013-2014, the program will include a 1.5% cost of living adjustment effective July 1, 2013 with the possibility of an additional merit/equity increase (2% merit/equity salary pool available).  All unclassified faculty and staff (e.g., officers of instruction, officers of administration and officers of research) who began employment on or before Dec. 31, 2012 are eligible with some exceptions.  (See for details.)  Merit/equity increase decisions will be based on academic year 2012-2013 performance reviews and reviews of current salary structures via processes established in each unit.
This multi-year salary program applies to all unrepresented faculty and officers of administration.  If United Academics, the newly formed faculty union, agrees to the program, it will be extended to represented faculty members as well.  (Please note:  Cost of living increases for classified staff will be bargained for as part of their contract negotiations between SEIU and the Oregon University System.)
Please visit for additional details on this program.
The University of Oregon is home to some of the world’s finest faculty, researchers and staff.  Every day you are pushing the boundaries of human understanding.  Thank you for all you do to educate our students, create new knowledge and support the academic mission of this outstanding public research university.


  1. Kassia 03/05/2013

    UO Matters continues to provide inflammatory information that parallels the national Enquirer and discredits the basic foundation of a research institution that provides information well vetted. Yet it certainly highlights the desperate position higher education is in – on a precipice of extinction – where all participants cling to old paradigms and fight for territory that is quickly evaporating. Can’t we use our brilliance to find new paths? UO Matters could be a venue, but not in it’s current iteration. “us against them” is not a functional frame for moving into a sustainable future. I risk sharing my name as I see so many anonymous posts. I stand by my call. Let us re-think our approach and claim our voices as a community committed to education! Administration, staff, faculty and ….don’t forget, students!

    • Old Man 03/05/2013

      Productive interactions between Prexy and the Senate, evident in the past few months, indicate that The UO Constitution has provided a strong framework for cooperative governance. As time heals the wounds inflicted by the Frohnmayer-Moseley Administration, we can expect the bitterness sometimes expressed in these pages to diminish.

    • UO Matters 03/05/2013

      We’re on the precipice of extinction, and we’re going to be saved by online art appreciation courses where we give students an A, in exchange for a 500% profit on their tuition dollars?

    • Anonymous 03/05/2013

      Thankfully, Old Man is not yet turning over in his grave. His class was graded on a strictly-enforced curve. I’ve heard it said that his goal was that no student score 100% on his final exam, for there was no assurance that student was truly challenged or evaluated. Every exam yielded a beautiful bell-shaped curve and if students needed a lesson in standard deviations, one had only to look at the grade cut-offs.

      Today, I am heartened whenever I receive medical care from his former “A” students, knowing that his class helped ensure that only those who can think got into medical school.

    • Anonymous 03/05/2013

      You are so much more productive, Kassia? Evidence please?

  2. Three-Toed Sloth 03/05/2013

    At least they’re no longer blaming United Academics for their failure to give anybody a raise for the last decade or so:

    This from the Jamie Moffitt’s details page:

    Impact on union-represented faculty members

    The University of Oregon and United Academics, which represents the faculty bargaining unit, are currently negotiating the initial contract. Those negotiations will include bargaining over salary. Typically, salary adjustments for the bargaining unit members would not be implemented until the university and United Academics completed negotiations and reached agreement on the full contract. Given that it could be some time before an agreement is in place, the university has decided to offer the same cost of living increases and merit/equity increase programs to United Academics. If United Academics accepts the offer, the university will implement the same increase programs for bargaining unit faculty now so that all university faculty can realize these increases immediately. Although this action on the part of the university is somewhat extraordinary, the university believes that this implementation plan is to the benefit of all involved.

    • Anonymous 03/05/2013

      JUST SAY NO!

  3. Anonymous 03/05/2013

    Hand me some kleenex, I might get weepy.
    Hogwash re the Kumbaya united research institution lecture.
    The University of Uncle Phil & it’s over-the-top athletic obsession.
    Let the academics crumble philosophy– there’s plenty to be miffed about with
    all the changes @ the University. Gun toting security guards.
    Trying to swindle students into funding a new student union & w/o input.
    Overselling classroom space. Tuition hikes galore.
    Olympic trials during graduation week.
    There is a fine line between “historic” & falling apart/funk.
    The U of O walks the line on many issues.
    I’ll shut up now & see how the new golf course project plays out.
    P.S. Even though I remain anonymous, I stand by what I say as well.

    • The Dude 03/05/2013

      Let me guess – you’re not a golfer.

  4. Awesome0 03/05/2013

    My wife dropped her smartphone today cracking the screen. At least the raises will almost cover the cost of a new phone….

  5. Anonymous 03/05/2013

    Tell the man to stuff it. We don’t need underling pity pay.

  6. Anonymous 03/05/2013

    UO-M, discriminatory pricing and separate cost optimization for content creation vs. delivery must be part of it.

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