UO Senate needs your help

To: University Community

From: Robert Kyr, senate president

Re: SENATE ELECTIONS & COMMITTEE SERVICE—University Senate, Elected Committees, and Appointed Committees DEADLINE for self-nomination: Wednesday, May 3, 2013

We have extended the deadline for the completion of the UO Senate Committee Service Preference Form to this coming Wednesday, May 3, 2013.

Your service as a University Senator and as a member of an elected or appointed committee is greatly needed at this time. There are open positions in all categories, as follows:
1) University Senate (by election);
2) Elected Committees;
3) Appointed Committees.

In order to view the openings in the Senate, and in both elected and appointed committees, please click on this link which takes you to the Election Tracking Page on the Senate Website:


In order to fill out the UO Senate Committee Service Preference Form by this coming Wednesday, May 3, 2013, please click on this link:


Please note that we still need many individuals to run for the Senate, especially in these categories:
1) CAS–Natural Sciences, Social Sciences & Humanities;
2) Colleges of Education, Journalism & Law;
3) Libraries;
4) Clark Honors College;
5) School of Music;
6) Non-tenure Track Faculty (NTTF).

And for elected committees, there are still openings for the following:
1) Intercollegiate Athletics Committee (IAC);
2) Faculty Grievance Appeals Committee (FGAC);
3) Graduate Council;
4) Faculty Advisory Council;
5) Faculty Personnel Committee.

More than ever, your participation is needed as a Senator in the Senate, and as a member of both elected and appointed committees. Thank you so much for your participation which is an essential and vital part of shared governance.

All the best,

Robert Kyr
Philip H. Knight Professor of Music
[email protected]

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