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Frohnmayer gets award from corrupt Academy

9/20/2013: You can’t make this shit up. From UO’s “Around the O” blog:

University of Oregon law professor and president emeritus Dave Frohnmayer recently was named to the executive committee for The Lincoln Project , an initiative of the prestigious American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

Just how prestigious is the AAAS? Here’s one scandal from the Boston Globe – it turns out they gave their own $598,000 president a fake award last year, and she lied about her PhD:

What exactly does it take to lose the faith of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences? 

For a couple of weeks now, the Cambridge institution has been under siege amid allegations that its longtime president, Leslie Cohen Berlowitz, has committed a litany of offenses, the major one being claiming a doctorate from New York University that she never earned. 

Berlowitz was placed on paid leave from her $598,000-a-year job while her tenure is being investigated by the law firm of Choate, Hall and Stewart. They keep getting more to look into: The latest report by the Globe’s Todd Wallack indicates that she was made a fellow of the academy under curious circumstances, which were covered by rewriting a months-old press release.

Her response? Sexism:

“Neither the academy nor President Berlowitz is going to respond to subjective, interpretive, and gossipy allegations from former employees and unnamed sources,” Howell said in the statement. “Nor are they going to respond to personal questions that are irrelevant, do not belong in the public domain and, frankly, smack of sexism.”

I think the board fired her a month or two ago. Margaret Soltan has more dirt on this, here.


  1. thedude 09/20/2013

    Birds of a feather…

    • Anonymous 09/20/2013

      You seem dumb. How does this have anything to do with DF? Did DF lie about his resume or something?

  2. Anonymous 09/20/2013

    Shame on you.

  3. Anonymous 09/20/2013

    What a stupid post, in every possible way.

  4. Anonymous 09/20/2013


  5. Anonymous 09/20/2013

    I love the irony, but it takes some wit for the overall effect. Apparently we have a wit shortage on campus?

  6. Anonymous 09/20/2013

    Shortage of wit, plethora of whining.

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