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Great news for UO finances!

9/10/2013: The latest US News rankings are great news for UO’s finances:

The University of Oregon moved up in the rankings — jumping six rungs to No. 109 on the list of about 1,376 colleges nationally.

And Christian Whithol of the RG reports on still more good financial news for UO: Eugene’s latest city subsidized student rental – aimed at some pretty well off students:

The company, which has been promised a $4.55 million property tax break by the city, has submitted new and more detailed plans that show a wealth of upscale amenities for the 139-foot-high building. They include a pool and hot tub on the roof and, on a lower story, a fitness and leisure complex that would feature another hot tub, golf simulator, billards room, piano room, steam room, two tanning rooms, a sauna, yoga room and lounge.

According to Zillow, rents in Eugene are well below the levels in our competitor college towns such as Boulder, Seattle, Phoenix, and LA. In contrast to those towns, the increase in the supply has kept rents level in Eugene, despite the increase in the number of students. The new construction coming on line this fall should lead to rent decreases – judging by the reports of unhappy local landlords.

Because parents look at these rankings and at total cost of attendance, this means that UO has plenty of room to continue out-of-state tuition increases, while staying competitive for students.

So expect another round of raises for UO central administrators, as soon as the faculty and SEIU sign their contracts.


    • Anonymous 09/11/2013

      What conclusions or inferences do you draw?

  1. Anonymous 09/11/2013

    Just think what would happen in Oregon if we asked all those people to pay a sales tax on either luxury items or on everything except living essentials (groceries, housing, clothing). We’d be rich I tell you; rich!

  2. Anonymous 09/11/2013

    I hope the Administration isn’t looking at this kind of stuff in considering faculty salaries when they figure out the cost of living in Eugene in relation to our “comparators.”

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