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Gleason to serve out year as "Special Assistant" to Coltrane

10/16/2013: News here. Not clear if that will get him another bowl game junket. Our President’s Org Chart is getting crowded.

7/3/2013: Lorraine Davis is Coltrane’s special assistant? Geller still in the game, Bean is gone, his gig writing the UO Board’s bylaws doesn’t merit a box:


  1. Anonymous 07/03/2013

    Why is the VP for UGS still undetermined? The candidates gave presentations in the last week of classes and an appointment should’ve been made by now. Anyone know the cause of the delay?

    • Anonymous 07/04/2013

      And what happened in the Honors College search? Shouldn’t there be someone other than David Frank in that slot? And isn’t there an interim replacement for Mike Bullis too?

      Presumably UOM will post a re-revised version of this chart in a couple of weeks. :)

    • Anonymous 10/18/2013

      VP UGS is Lisa Freinkel

  2. flyonawall 10/16/2013

    What do the admins have against returning to be faculty members?

    Surely it isn’t that the pay isn’t good enough?

    • Anonymous 10/16/2013

      Burned bridges?

    • Anonymous 10/17/2013

      On average, they are not wanted. This is certainly the case for Gleason.

    • UO Matters 10/17/2013

      It’s in the policy library – every admin who owns a beamer gets a sinecure. Beans’s got 2.

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