Union Exec Council

11/23/2013: The official announcement is on the UAUO website. No Executive Council positions were contested, so the names below will constitute the Exec Council until the next election, in May 2015. Elections will be in May of odd years, see the UAUO constitution and by-laws for the mind-numbingly democratic details.

The 51 Representative Assembly slots are by rank and unit. 16 slots had no nominations, and the Exec Council may appoint people to fill those slots. There will be an election for the TTF Humanities Representative Assembly members, which had more nominations than slots. So ballots will be mailed to TT Humanities faculty only.
UAUO Executive Council:

President ○ Michael Drieling (Soc)

Executive VP ○ Deborah Olson (Education)
Secretary ○ Kira Homo (Libraries)
Treasurer ○ Bill Harbaugh (Economics)
VP for Tenure Track Faculty Affairs ○ Gina Psaki (Romance Languages)
VP for Non-Tenure Track Instructional Faculty Affairs ○ Ron Bramhall (Business)
VP for Non-Tenure Track Research Faculty Affairs ○ Nathan Dunn (CASIT)
Chair of the Diversity of Equity Committee ○ Jane Cramer (Poli Sci)
Chair of the Grievance and Contract Administration Committee ○ Deb Merskin (Journalism)
Chair of the Organizing, membership, and Communications Committee ○ Daniel Martinez HoSang (Ethnic Studies)
Chair of the State and Higher Education Issues Committee ○ Joe Lowndes (Poli Sci)
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