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Davis and Frohnmayer and Gleason are unacceptable as interim President

12/2/2011: These links will be updated as I get time:

Tim Gleason, Dean of Journalism is the latest name put forth by Pernsteiner in his efforts to stop Berdahl. I will post his contracts when I get them. Comments?

 From a senior admin with no dog in the fight, paraphrasing:

J-School is pretty small and he does not have a good reputation as a good administrator. Goes to central admin every times he gets in trouble, which is often. If Pernsteiner is going this far down the list, UO could certainly do better.

“Tim Gleason, the dean of the UO School of Journalism and
Communication, estimates that up to 40 faculty members may resign, at
least in part, over this.” On OPB.

Just looks unknowing in the first bit of the youtube video of his talkwith the journalism faculty. Mostly unobjectionable blah blah blah – just what UO needs more of.

Scott Coltrane: contracts on the way.

Frances Brohnet: contracts on the way.

Dave Frohnmayer: I thought I was going to have to fight against him. Turns out the faculty and students and administrators just laugh when I bring him up.

Lorraine Davis: Contracts here – note the last page, which I assume Lorraine asked to have added so that UO would have to pay for tickets and travel for her spouse to attend away football games. She gets a car too.

Link for why Jim Bean is unacceptable.