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Davis and Frohnmayer and Gleason are unacceptable as interim President

12/2/2011: These links will be updated as I get time:

Tim Gleason, Dean of Journalism is the latest name put forth by Pernsteiner in his efforts to stop Berdahl. I will post his contracts when I get them. Comments?

 From a senior admin with no dog in the fight, paraphrasing:

J-School is pretty small and he does not have a good reputation as a good administrator. Goes to central admin every times he gets in trouble, which is often. If Pernsteiner is going this far down the list, UO could certainly do better.

“Tim Gleason, the dean of the UO School of Journalism and
Communication, estimates that up to 40 faculty members may resign, at
least in part, over this.” On OPB.

Just looks unknowing in the first bit of the youtube video of his talkwith the journalism faculty. Mostly unobjectionable blah blah blah – just what UO needs more of.

Scott Coltrane: contracts on the way.

Frances Brohnet: contracts on the way.

Dave Frohnmayer: I thought I was going to have to fight against him. Turns out the faculty and students and administrators just laugh when I bring him up.

Lorraine Davis: Contracts here – note the last page, which I assume Lorraine asked to have added so that UO would have to pay for tickets and travel for her spouse to attend away football games. She gets a car too.

Link for why Jim Bean is unacceptable.


  1. Anonymous 12/02/2011

    Gleason? Famous brown-noser. Surprised Pernsteiner didn’t think of him earlier. He must not of realized just how far down the hole he was going to have to dig.

  2. Anonymous 12/02/2011

    his faculty certainly don’t trust him

  3. Anonymous 12/02/2011

    I just saw the letter from the Senate Exec Committee supporting Berdahl. It’s succinct, forceful, and unassailable in its logic. As a result I fully expect Pernsteiner to try to ignore it. If the letter is made public, can UO Matters (who I know has seen it) make it available? It really lays out the case well.

  4. Anonymous 12/03/2011

    “Tim Gleason, the dean of the UO School of Journalism and
    Communication, estimates that up to 40 faculty members may resign, at
    least in part, over this.”


    Berdahl is probably the single most qualified name to have been floated. Still, I can’t imagine it will ever happen.

  5. Anonymous 12/03/2011

    “I fully expect Pernsteiner to try to ignore it.”
    I don’t see why the Chancellor would now be so merciful to grant what UO whats. He already indicated that he and the board have the authority to make decisions by themselves.

  6. Anonymous 12/03/2011

    And here I was just getting to enjoy this site.

    As someone who works for the SOJC, I can say Dean Gleason is a decent dean, and since he’s well aware of what happened when the previous dean took a job in Johnson hall, and is happy as the dean, I can’t see him taking the job. And to say the SOJC is small is just amazing. It’s one of the few schools/units on campus that actually MAKE money.

    The theory with some at this point is that Lariviere knew his time was limited, and that’s why he brought in Berdahl. It may also be why he gave the famous raises (“SUCK ON THIS!”).

  7. UO Matters. 12/03/2011

    Thanks, Anon SOJC reader. Here at UO Matters we are all about trying to make sure you enjoy our site. Sorry to disappoint. Now go away.

  8. Anonymous 12/03/2011

    Two questions:

    Is the ‘spouse’ addendum to top administrator contract common or was this special for Davis? It cover’s one’s spouse (or domestic) partner and dependent children as needed. What about one’s dog if he has separation anxiety or get’s lonely when home alone?

    Admittedly ancient history, but did anyone notice that when LD was ‘special assistant’ to the Athletic Director her base salary was $360,000. Ok…she was only .15 FTE, which cuts the cost considerably, but couldn’t a graduate student have proctored exams at away games. I’m disgusted by what’s going on at our supposedly ‘impoverished’ university.

  9. Anonymous 12/03/2011

    Its amazing how many top UO execs with base pay over $200K/year have expensive special self-serving perks in their contracts. Yet rank and file faculty, OA’s and staff often have to forgo pay raises, are forced to take unpaid furlough days, etc for the good of UO. Where is the shared sacrifice? Bring on the faculty union!

  10. Anonymous 12/03/2011

    “It may also be why he gave the famous raises (“SUCK ON THIS!”).’
    I thought Jim Bean was actually did the work to give the famous raise (too bad to hear that himself got the biggest piece) – I really thought it was more to Jim’s credit for the raise but it got RL fired instead because he approved it.

  11. Anonymous 12/03/2011

    Who’s job is it to stop the university administrators from compensateing themselves too much? The Chancellor? He sets such good example of getting compensated so much and others merely play catch up. Then look at politicians in public offices – whey they talk about shared sacrifices how many reduced their own perks?

  12. Anonymous 12/03/2011

    There is an outside audit of OSU finance last year – it revealed that OSU had so much sitting money there was no justification for OSU administrations asking OSU faculty to reduce their pay. I was surprise by that finding but should I?

  13. Provost Bean 12/04/2011

    I’ve had enough of this goddamn thread.

    If you were in the 1% like me, you’d know that $775 is not even close to what it takes to make the payments on the fine driving machine you see parked in my spot in the Johnson Hall lot. $775 would have got me a Acura with cloth, perhaps a Honda with leather seating surfaces. Demeaning.

    This is why I insisted on the extra $15,000 in salary. Still, after those democrat taxes it was barely enough for the 17″ wheels and heated seats.

    Now leave me alone, I’ve got some research papers to scan.

  14. Anonymous 12/04/2011

    SOJ person, bless you. love SOJ, great place, so no insult intended, I’m sure,but reference was to scale of operation. Also, on ‘profits’ get out around campus more and check the numbers out on seriously big cash cows outside SOJ. live long and prosper.

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