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Davis and Frohnmayer and Gleason are unacceptable as interim President

12/2/2011: These links will be updated as I get time:

Tim Gleason, Dean of Journalism is the latest name put forth by Pernsteiner in his efforts to stop Berdahl. I will post his contracts when I get them. Comments?

 From a senior admin with no dog in the fight, paraphrasing:

J-School is pretty small and he does not have a good reputation as a good administrator. Goes to central admin every times he gets in trouble, which is often. If Pernsteiner is going this far down the list, UO could certainly do better.

“Tim Gleason, the dean of the UO School of Journalism and
Communication, estimates that up to 40 faculty members may resign, at
least in part, over this.” On OPB.

Just looks unknowing in the first bit of the youtube video of his talkwith the journalism faculty. Mostly unobjectionable blah blah blah – just what UO needs more of.

Scott Coltrane: contracts on the way.

Frances Brohnet: contracts on the way.

Dave Frohnmayer: I thought I was going to have to fight against him. Turns out the faculty and students and administrators just laugh when I bring him up.

Lorraine Davis: Contracts here – note the last page, which I assume Lorraine asked to have added so that UO would have to pay for tickets and travel for her spouse to attend away football games. She gets a car too.

Link for why Jim Bean is unacceptable.

UO finds an interim President: Robert Berdahl

11/30/2011: From Robert Berdahl’s Op-Ed in the RG today:

… The chancellor and board have recklessly ignored the wishes of donors, alumni, faculty and students. They have signaled the academic community throughout the nation that innovative, courageous leadership will neither be sought nor tolerated.

If you want to be president of the University of Oregon, be prepared to knuckle under to the chancellor and the board and be wary of the promises of the governor.
Robert Berdahl was a professor of history and dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Oregon. He is a former president of the University of Texas at Austin; chancellor emeritus of the University of California, Berkeley; and president emeritus of the Association of American Universities (AAU).

He’s qualified, respected, extraordinarily experienced, and he certainly understands what Chancellor Pernsteiner is looking for. Will he take the job?

Unacceptable interim presidents. Sorry, but we’ve moved on:

Clearly unqualified, but apparently mentioned:

  • Jamie Moffitt, Robin Holmes

To replace Chancellor Pernsteiner:

  • Frog, Zach, Richard Lariviere, Donald Trump

    Mullens starts AD job Monday

    8/15/2010: George Schroeder of the RG has a story on new AD Rob Mullens, he starts work Monday, 2 weeks early. And the RG Editorial Board gives him a lengthy To Do list, including:

    3. Get your staff in order. The athletic department’s current administration is a hodgepodge from the Bill Moos, Pat Kilkenny and Mike Bellotti eras. Loyalties are mixed, and there is friction over the future direction of UO athletics, ranging from proposals to build an indoor track facility to the allocation of resources to non-revenue generating sports. It’s traditional for new ADs to bring their own people on board, folks they know and trust from past experience. Something for you to think about.

    No kidding. Too bad Lariviere didn’t do the same on day one, starting with Melinda Grier.

    Speaking of hiding things from the public, the faculty, the press, and the President, the athletic department faces financial troubles of all sorts. It will be interesting to see how far Mullens will go in terms of making those troubles transparent. President Lariviere has done a pretty good job pushing transparency for the academic side, but athletics is where the real trouble is. Will we get info on donations for Bellotti’s payoff – the truth could easily lead the IRS to rule the gift(s) are not tax-deductible. The terms of Knight’s donations for new coaches’ offices and the football museum? Accurate numbers about the extent of the athletic deficit? Some honesty about how the increase in faculty/staff/student parking fees will subsidize the Matt Court underground parking, or more bullshit a la Frances Dyke? An end to claims that “The University of Oregon Athletic Department is financially self-sufficient and does not receive any support from state funds” – despite the lottery fund subsidy? BANNER accounting reports on what the athletic department is really doing with the money the UO Foundation collects from fans as donations for “student athlete support”?

    Lat month when I asked Lorraine Davis, the interim AD, about the latter I got this reply:

    I have received your concerns.  Be assured that I, with lots of able assistance,  will continue to monitor the various budget matters in the Athletics Department.

    My best,

    Then she and her able assistants realized their answers weren’t even close to the Foundation’s, or to what UO reported to the NCAA, and they all stopped answering emails.


    Note: on 5/26/2009 we got this comment on this post and it sounds pretty knowledgeable. We’ve left the original post up, but take it with a grain of salt.

    “This is a very carefully sliced history. A more balanced view with a baseline from a few years ago: We had Moseley (Provost), Davis (VP Acad. Affairs), Anne Leavitt (VP, Student Affairs), and Dan Williams (VP, Administration), plus the other VPs for Development and for Research. They were replaced by Bean, Tomlin, Holmes, and Dyke. Lorraine only had the Student Affairs portfolio for a fairly short time, and Frances was mostly a replacement for Dan Williams, with the addition of some of JTM’s financial responsibilities. this sure looks like a one-for-one replacement, distracting us from the more serious issues of the huge growth in Associate VPs, support staff, and so on.”

    Original post:

    A little UO history – email us if there are any errors. Until 2006 John Moseley was Provost and Vice President for Finance and Lorraine Davis was Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs. In 2006 Lorraine retired and her job was split in two – Russ Tomlin took the Academic Affairs part, and Robin Holmes the Student Affairs part. That same year Moseley retired and his job was also split in two. Jim Bean is now Provost and Frances Dyke is VP for Finance. Now we hear that Provost Bean is going to hire a new VP for Budgeting, with responsibility for all the parts of the job Frances Dyke hasn’t been able to figure out. She will keep some sort of title and her entire $212,000 salary. Meanwhile, incredibly, both Moseley and Davis are still on the UO payroll 1/2 time – Moseley runs UO’s money losing Bend programs from his retirement home on the Deschutes, and Lorraine Davis is now apparently traveling to away games at UO’s expense and proctoring athlete’s exams – if she has any more substantive responsibilities, we haven’t heard of them, and her $197,278 FTE contract has two more years to run. So, in less than 3 years UO’s core central admin has gone from 2 people earning a total of about $350,000 to:

    • $320,000 Jim Bean, Provost
    • $212,000 Frances Dyke, VP for Finance
    • $170,000 new VP for helping VP for Finance Frances Dyke
    • $177,000 Russ Tomlin, VP for Academic Affairs
    • $181,000 Robin Holmes, VP for Student Affairs
    • $124,000 John Moseley, Spec Asst to Provost Bean (that’s the pay for 1/2 time)
    • $99,000 Lorraine Davis, Spec Asst. to Pres and Provost (“)

    Totals $1,283,000 before we talk benefits, secretaries, staff, fancy offices, … (We are omitting jobs such as VP’s for Research, Information, etc which have not changed.) And Provost Bean still stands by his claim that UO’s administrative expenses are 38% of our peers? Apparently he’s not the kind of a man who can admit a mistake, but he could redeem himself a bit – and earn his big salaryby insisting that Frances Dyke be replaced, not replicated. According to UO’s Org chart, all these people are Provost Jim Bean’s subordinates. This problem is his problem.

    Comments and news tips:

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    A link to the latest UO Foundation IRS 990 form is below. The 07-08 form is full of interesting info we haven’t yet figured out – like $1 million plus payments for “UO President’s Office”, whatever that means. Anyone got a clue read here: 2007-08

    (We’ve now heard that these payments were authorized by former Foundation head Karen Kreft, but that the new Interim head Jay Naymet thought they were inappropriate and stopped them this year.)

    We’ve had some very helpful tips about Lorraine Davis’s questionable “job”, Frances Dyke’s replacement/replication, Frohnmayer’s golden parachute contract, Bend and Moseley (damn is that a popular subject!) Martinez’s double dipping, the ICC return grab-back, … Thanks!

    Several readers have asked about Frohnmayer’s upcoming asian junket. Apparently he is taking a few aides on a tour of Asian universities. Macau has been mentioned – perhaps because of the lack of an extradition treaty. (Nope, saw that movie – you’re thinking Venezuela, friend.) If you’ve heard anything more detailed – as in who is going, where, and most importantly who is paying (just so we can help out with a contribution, of course) drop an email to [email protected]