Riverfront and ORI

11/11/2010: My personal preferences are for more riverfront development, not less. But they are also for more transparency, not less. And the Connecting Eugene people have just demonstrated, very convincingly, that UO and ORI would have been *much* better off with more transparency from the start. Now ORI faces long and expensive delays, and UO’s general credibility is once again in the toilet.

Fortunately, UO has a new Public Records Officer in Liz Denecke, with the job of trying to restore some trust in UO’s commitment to transparency. Here’s the link with information for how she can help interested people get public records from UO. Her email address is edenecke at uoregon.edu. Under Oregon law Ms Denecke, a member of the Oregon Bar, is required

… to provide “proper and reasonable opportunities for inspection and examination of the records in the office of the custodian” during usual business hours to persons seeking access to public records. … The public is entitled to inspect non-exempt records as promptly as a public body reasonably can make them available.

The Connecting Eugene press release is here. It shows very convincingly that UO has known about the requirement for public consultation, open bids, etc., for a long time, and has just ignored it. We’ve already used up one scapegoat – who is next? Doug Park?

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