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UO’s top administrators pay themselves 99.4% of comparators, pay the faculty 86%.

What I learned in bargaining today, on zoom at

In response to this news from Keaton Miller (Econ) your union has lowered its salary demand from “Average, in 3 years” to “99.4% of average, in 3 years”. The new proposal will be posted at

Presumably it will be updated when we learn how much President Scholz is willing to pay Christopher Long, as a brand new provost.


  1. cdsinclair 04/18/2024

    I learned the terminology for this: “self dealing”

  2. UO Matters Post author | 04/18/2024

    The Admin team’s only real response to Keaton’s 99.4% was “How did you calculate this number?”

  3. UO Matters Post author | 04/19/2024

    Daily Emerald reporters Stephanie Hensley and Jasmine Saboorian have the story here:
    My favorite part: “According to Assistant Director of Issues Management Eric Howald in an email, UO’s Employee and Labor Relations does not conduct interviews while bargaining is underway.” That’s right, UO is paying a strategic communicator to say nothing. No wonder Jamie Moffitt can’t find any money for the faculty.

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