Yes, tuition to increase

Update: 6/1/2012: Colton Totland reports in the RG that OUS has figured out how to pay for Provost Bean’s beamer and sabbatical, and Pernsteiner’s mortgage too. Still no plan from UO to increase faculty hiring or build new classrooms. Pathetic.

5/30/2012: The ODE reports:

The University will submit it’s proposal for a 6.1 percent tuition increase for resident undergraduates amounting to $459 hike from the 2011-12 academic year. Non-resident undergraduate rates are proposed to raise by only 3.6 percent, but due to a higher base number, the dollar amount is larger landing at a $945 hike on an already expensive $27,653. 

In totally unrelated news BMW announced price increases last month. The costs of taking your family to away games has also shot up, and maid service on an 8,200 sq ft house is never cheap.

Bill Graves has more in the Oregonian, including some tricky stuff on student health insurance fees at PSU. ODE editorial here.

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4 Responses to Yes, tuition to increase

  1. marmot says:

    From the ODE: “The increases, imposed by the University to counterbalance rising costs and a rapidly growing student population, come at a time when state funding has decreased immensely for higher education.”

    Two questions:

    1. Wasn’t the rapidly growing (out-of-state) student population supposed to help?

    2. It would be nice to know the percentage change in the sum of state support + in-state tuition. How much of the increase is backfilling for state cuts, and how much is going into a net increase in revenue?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget those big expensive DPS cars, guns, police pensions and raises for the DPS administrators. Cops are expensive even when they are not carrying guns and when one department needs 4 or 5 directors. Looks to me that at least 65% of the DPS budget is probably going to administration. Pay up students!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Not sure how I feel about this myself. But I wonder how much financial sense it makes to have 4 OUS institutions so close to each other in the Willamette. Eugene and Corvallis are 45 miles apart; Corvallis and Monmouth are 20 miles apart; and Monmouth and Portland are 60 miles apart. Not that it would make sense to close WOU, but perhaps running it as a satellite campus of OSU or PSU would save some money.

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