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  1. Anonymous 05/02/2024

    Surely you don’t believe that all our students are never-Trumpers.

  2. Nunya Bizness 05/02/2024

    Please explain your headline. Are you saying that students who are (so far peacefully) protesting a genocide and seem to be genuinely advocating for divestment, instead a false-flag operation that has the secret goal to return a white supremacist traitorous serial sexual assaulter to the White House?

  3. honest Uncle Bernie 05/02/2024

    Do you mean 1968, Nixon’s first election? The riots turned off a lot of Democrats, who voted in Nixon narrowly.

    Same thing shaping up now. People don’t like what is going on. Most Americans are disgusted by calls from campuses to destroy Israel. Call that observation anything you want, it is true, don’t blame me.

    The universities may very well be destroying themselves. Republicans in Congress in view of anti-semitism loking at funding. All the science agencies. NSF, NIH, … An empty threat? Maybe for now. Wait until campus “protesters” get Trump elected. Then comes the hammer of wrath and rage!

  4. Counting the Days... 05/03/2024

    Funny thing, the protestors in 1968 trying to end the war, helped keep it going for another 7 years with Nixon’s election. Nicholas Kristoff’s May 1 column in the NY Times is spot on:

    “Those who forget the past (or never learn it in the first place) are condemned to repeat it.” George Santayana, The Life of Reason, 1905.

  5. Skye Bree 05/04/2024

    The protests will put Trump in office. Election is in 185 Days and Biden re-election chances are dead. History always repeats. Bernie-Or-Bust 2.0. And with Sotomayer’s health problems, Trump will probably put a new Supreme Court judge in to replace her and secure a 7-2 Super Majority for Republicans. Abortion will be outlawed Nationally. Plan accordingly.

  6. Cheyney Ryan 05/06/2024

    At least the students are talking about the Gaza conflict. Maybe those who are upset about what the students are doing could join me in urging the U of O administration to do something—ANYTHING–to address/discuss the issues raised by the current conflict. In years past, international crises have been addressed by public discussions, debates, and speakers sponsored by the administration to educate the U of O community. Other universities have been doing these sorts of educational events all year. The Gaza conflict is universally regarded as a turning point in the global political order; it has placed the entire status of international humanitarian law in the doubt; it has generated unprecedented response by international organizations like the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court. Yet the response of the administration’s office of “global engagement” has been–nothing. Its response to the genocide action brought by South Africa against Israel that riveted the international community has been—nothing. Its response to the crisis of the humanitarian aid community raised by the Gaza conflict has been–nothing.
    Why the silence?
    Since I returned to Eugene a few months ago, I have been urging that such discussions occur. For example, I contacted the Humanities Center, which I helped found many years ago, and which has been a major voice in such matters in the past. I proposed it sponsor a faculty workgroup around the issues of Gaza and international law, unfamiliar to many. The response to this proposal: No. In exchanges with its Advisory Committee, I was told that the Center was concerned that “donors” would be upset by any such discussion. Apparently any mention of the United Nations Charter or the Geneva Conventions will drive away the Center’s current supporters.
    When I raised this with the office of “global engagement”, I was informed that, six months into the Gaza crisis, its response will be to sponsor a daylong “workshop” for professors on anti-Semitism and Islamophobia. (Oh, and they sponsored a theater event last fall on the same topic. ) I am not sure that what we need now is more diversity workshops. We need to address the conflict itself. The office of “global engagement” is sitting on tens of thousands of dollars that could sponsor serious discussions of what’s going on in the Middle East. It should get off its ass and do something.


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