NCAA cartel economics

9/1/2012: Ed O’Bannon has expanded the class action lawsuit against the NCAA, seeking a cut of the profits for the players. SI story:

The rationale of O’Bannon to seek an expansion of his class derives from what he and his attorneys, Jon King and Michael Hausfeld, have learned from the pretrial discovery process and from their expert economists, Roger Noll and Larry Gerbrant. = In O’Bannon’s view, the NCAA and member schools and conferences have illegally profited off the labor of college athletes for decades. Current and former D-I football and men’s basketball players, according to O’Bannon, are common victims in this alleged exploitation and thus should be in the same class. O’Bannon also dismisses the series of documents student-athletes are required to sign as part of their participation in college sports. These forms require student-athletes to accept the NCAA’s use of their name, image and licensing. If a player refuses to sign these forms, he will be deemed ineligible to play, which could jeopardize his athletic scholarship and ability to afford college. O’Bannon repudiates these forms as “contracts of adhesion” or unenforceable no-choice contracts.

Roger Noll gives a lecture on the economics of the NCAA cartel:

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