Updated with minutes: Senate Agenda for Wed 12/5 (revised)

12/5/2012 Update: Thanks to the UO Matters governmental affairs correspondent for the following unauthorized Senate minutes:

Pres G reads from hand written notes again. He could not have shown more enthusiasm that the faculty union bargaining has started: “We are committed to the same things…. It is going very well… and will continue to go well in the coming weeks…”  Does he know something we don’t? Hope so. 

Governor’s proposal for higher education: Gottfredson is getting schooled on the Oregon education budget, the new Governor’s Officer of education, budget, etc. He is confident and excited about the Institutional Board proposals… Anticipates action on this in the Legislative session; he has seen proposals that include action on authorizing the boards at the UO and PSU. 

Pres G wants it “unambiguously clear…” that our governing board approach is for a public board for this public university. A kind of board to enhance our ability to meet our public mission and interest. Good to see Pres G is doing homework on the IB, the state budget, the Oregon Legislature. 

Bean speaks to a green and yellow bar chart!  Looking a bit pale and green too, uggh. Why did the domestic non-resident’s get yellow bars with green trim and residents only green bars?   

All of the green is bizarre; now a pie chart with puke green.   Fall 2008 76.6% white students and then 2012 white 64.1% 

Bean is Proud of international $tudents at 10.2% (25.3% students of color)
Still more green pie charts. No wonder Bean is sick.
Need catch-up in classrooms… no shit.
Notice no mention of catch-up with salaries, or was that mustard on the greens? 

MOTIONS:Motion by Frank Stahl for release time. He wants to assure a high level of attendance.
Not sure why he withdrew the motion on release time for Senate meetings, but I think Frank likes attending Senate meetings more than most of us. 

Frank Stahl’s second motion on modification of Senate Bylaws re: fiscal impact statement. Insert “when calculable.”  Not sure if this sets up incentives to evade good accounting or not? 

Frank takes several jabs at the economics department and rests confident in the authority of “true” scientists in knowing their limits in calculations.  Stahl’s stated intent seemed to be about making it easier for the senate to advance and hear motions, but he did not seem to want to dialogue about it.  Why not simply say, “To the extent calculable…”
Mark Gillem – neighborhoods and schools are us. Passes: keep our old neighborhood schools, save some district dough, and make strategic renovations, not consolidations.
Harlan Mechling; ASUO Academic Affairs Director  – not enough study space… 

REPORTS:Dave Luebke reports on the UA Liaison Cmte. Come on Dave, fire it up.
Frank Stahl almost lost it fears of contract law encroaching on shared governance. Oh, forbid any strengthening of the senate legislation, keep it soft. 

Reports continue on, but none as interesting as Stahl’s reaction to Luebke’s point that non-economic proposal will advance in collective bargaining.

Wow. Sounds like Bean needs a sabbatical.


Looks like a solid agenda. Our students have motions up to support more classrooms and study space.  A+.

However our administration’s next construction priority is a golf course, paid for with tax-deductible contributions laundered through the UO Foundation despite the total lack of an academic purpose. Fail.

But it looks like Bob Doppelt will present notice of a motion asking the Senate to oppose the golfers edifice. Excellent work.

I‘ll be out of town for this meeting. If you are interested in providing notes to post (in exchange for a UO Matters coffee cup) please email me at uomatters at gmail.com

Senate Meeting Agenda – December 5, 2012

Knight Library Room 101, 3:00‐5:00 pm
3:00 pm 1. Call to Order
       1.1 Approval of the Minutes of the October 10 & November 7, 2012 Senate Meetings
3:05 pm 2. State of the University
2.1 Remarks by University President Michael Gottfredson
2.2 Questions and Comments with Response
2.3 Remarks by Provost James C. Bean
2.4 Questions and Comments with Response
3:20 pm 3. New Business
3.1 Fall Curriculum Report (Motion for Legislation); Paul
Engelking, Chair; Committee on Courses
3.2 Motion (Legislation): Release Time to Enhance Senate Effectiveness;
Frank Stahl, Professor Emeritus (Biology)
3.3 Motion (Legislation/Amendment): Modification of Fiscal Impact Statement;
Frank Stahl, Professor Emeritus (Biology)
3.4 Motion (Resolution): Support for Maintaining 4J Neighborhood Schools;
Mark Gillem, Associate Professor (AAA)
3.5 Motion (Legislation): Study Space Prioritization;
Harlan Mechling; ASUO Academic Affairs Director
3.6 Motion (Legislation): Classroom Space Prioritization;
Harlan Mechling; ASUO Academic Affairs Director
4:00 pm 4. Open Discussion
4:05 pm 5. Reports
5.1 ASUO Report; Laura Hinman, ASUO President
5.2 UA Senate Liaison Committee; David Luebke, Chair
5.3 Coalition of PAC-12 Faculties Meeting; Louise Bishop
UO Representative (Designee) & Co-Chair, Faculty Advisory Council (FAC)
5.4 Classroom Expansion – Straub Hall; Carol Daly, Chair;
Campus Planning Committee
5.5 Update on Two Motions: “Faculty Input into Hiring Executive
Administrators” & “Review of Executive Administrators;
Robert Kyr, Senate President
4:50 pm 6. Announcements and Communications from the Floor
6.1 Notice of Motion: Data and Documents for the IAC and Clarifying FERPA;
Bill Harbaugh, Professor (Economics)
6.2 Notice of Motion: Faculty Approval for Special Admissions of Student-
Athletes; Bill Harbaugh, Professor (Economics)
6.3 Notice of Motion:Senate Support for the Continuation of the Center
for Latino/a and Latin American Studies (CLLAS); Pedro Garcia Caro,
University Senator and Assistant Professor (Romance Languages)
6.4 Notice of Motion: Opposition to Building a UO-Affiliated Golf Course;
Bob Doppelt, Adjunct Associate Professor (PPPM)
6.5 Notice of Motion: Senate Review of Course Evaluation Process;
Steven Pologe, University Senator and Professor (School of Music)
6.6 Notice of Motion: UO Elections and UO Senators for the Interinstitutional
Faculty Senate (IFS); UO Senate Executive Committee
5:00 pm 7. Adjournment

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9 Responses to Updated with minutes: Senate Agenda for Wed 12/5 (revised)

  1. Anonymous says:

    What happened to November’s item 5.3, Election of Senate Vice President in December?

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    • Anonymous says:

      I don’t think any candidates have stepped up.

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Im Stahlgewitter

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  3. Anonymous says:

    Stahl takes several jabs at the economics department? What was that all about?

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  4. Anonymous says:

    Excellent notes. I particularly like your evocative use of the hue of the colors to explore a visceral, emotional reaction to the misuse of data.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Does the senate have any committee monitoring the arena revenue shortfalls ? Remember they had the not so brilliant arena financing subcommittee who endorsed the over optimistic #’s before construction. As a neighbor of UO I have come to distrust the faculty senate immensely.

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    • Peter Keyes says:

      Really? Have you ever read the Senate Budget Committee / Subcommittee on Arena Financing report?


      As I recall, having been a member of the SBC, it was the SBC that raised all the issues about the inadequacy of the Athletics department analysis the prior year, and then the subcommittee analyzed the revised proposal in great detail, showing where the likely pitfalls were.

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  6. Anonymous says:

    And here is a second question…..do the moderators of this “UO matters” have any opinion or questions about this “Nike may leave Oregon” charade ?

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