UO to seek state funds for new administrative offices

Apparently UO’s alumni donors are not exactly leaping at the chance to give their hard earned money to build fancier offices for the CAS administration. So UO is going to try and hit up the taxpayers. Tran Nguyen has the story in the Emerald, here.

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  1. Grateful to Don Tykeson says:

    Don Tykeson,a longtime supporter of CAS academics , who also spoke eloquently on UOs behalf at the star chamber firing of lariviere is no fool. he gave the lead gift for this mixed use building, classrooms meeting rooms, faculty and administrative offices, all together. if anyone kicked the tires on this project it was Don tykeson. Just a tabloid headline, to what specific purpose? The general deal with the state is raise a substantial amount privately, and then make a case to the state for support. Are you against this mixed use building? If so, make that case with logic and facts, not tabloid headlines. It would be wonderful to have both a great campus building plan and lots of money. We have neither. That’s the real problem, but tabloid headlines are not a plan or strategy either. In any event, We should thank Don Tykeson for yet another demonstration of his support for the UO.

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    • uomatters says:

      Thanks for this thoughtful comment, and thanks to Mr. Tykeson for giving to UO’s academic side instead of to the Ducks.

      I’m sure you’re right, I’m just bitter because it means I’m going to die in my office, crushed under the cinderblocks, along with the 2 undergraduates that I can cram into my office for discussions, when PLC collapses during the big one.

      But I am a bit curious about whether or not Mike Andreasen presented Mr. Tykeson with giving opportunities that didn’t just involve more money and new offices for UO administrators.

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