Why Martinez got promoted?

7/11/2009: We’ve heard from several people now that Larivierre “promoted” OIED VProvost Charles Martinez to Vice President so that he could keep a closer eye on him and figure out what, exactly, is it that Martinez does to deserve his fat UO salary (and the special exemption Provost Jim Bean has given him to collect $100,000 on the side from OSLC.) In a panic Martinez has been trying to get local community people and faculty to endorse him. There’s some crazy talk that he may even have opened up those Spanish DVD lessons OSLC bought for him. Whatever. There are plenty of people who could take a job like this and the several million a year UO spends on diversity and accomplish something important. Martinez is a stuffed shirt who’s just in it for the 250 large. Everyone knows it, it makes UO look really bad to have him as our minority spokesperson, and people resent being pressured into supporting him.

We hope this rumor is true. While there’s some stiff competition, Martinez would be an excellent choice for the first of Frohnmayer’s cronies to get the boot.

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