Provost Bean agrees to meet with faculty about lack of transparency in tenure and promotion decisions

12/23/2009: We’ll post what we learn:

From: “James Bean”
Date: December 23, 2009 7:56:54 AM PST>

Subject: RE: FPC and the Provost

This is a classic example of email as a poor medium for disucussion.  I will be happy to meet with whatever members of the faculty wish to discuss this topic.  The amount of misinformation being tossed around here is amazing.  Until that meeting happens, please have a happy holiday.

Regards, Jim

This is in regard to 2 motions Frank Stahl has put forward to the Senate, regarding Provost Bean’s refusal to share information about his final tenure and promotion decisions with the Faculty Personnel Committee faculty members who advise him on those decisions. Yup, you can’t let the faculty know who gets tenure – and you certainly can’t tell them why!


THE MOTION: With respect to procedures for promotion and/or tenure, the Senate directs the Provost as follows: At the time that candidates for promotion and/or tenure receive notice of the Provost’s decision, the Provost shall notify the Faculty Personnel Committee of actions taken with respect to their recommendations.

MOVED: The Provost shall deliver copies of the 2009 Tenure and Promotion decision letters to the Chair of the 2008-09 FPC. The 2008-09 Chair of the FPC is requested to add an amendment to her annual report to indicate whether the Provost’s letters disagree with the FPC recommendations and, if so, in what manner and in how many cases.

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