Gilkey resigns as Senate President

1/14/2010 Update: It seems that the normal procedure from Robert’s Rules of Order applies, meaning that VP Nathan Tublitz is now Senate President. 

1/13/2010:  I don’t know all the backstory, and I wish Peter the best, but this is very good news for faculty governance.

From: Peter Gilkey [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, January 13, 2010 5:35 PM
To: President Lariviere
Cc: Gwen Steigelman
Subject: Gilkeys Resignation

MEMO TO: President Richard Lariviere
MEMO CC: Gwen Steigelman
MEMO FROM: Peter Gilkey
MEMO RE: UO Senate President
MEMO DATE: 13 January 2010

Dear President Lariviere.

I am resigning effective 1800 Wednesday 13 January 2010 as UO Senate
President, as UO Senate Webmaster, and as UO Assembly Webmaster.

Respectfully submitted

Peter B Gilkey

 cc: Members of the UO Senate

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