AAUP troubles?

2/26/2010: Insidehighered.com has a story on troubles with AAUP union voting procedures. The AAUP and the AFT are jointly sponsoring the UO OA/Faculty union organizing effort:

WASHINGTON — An investigation by the U.S. Department of Labor has forced the American Association of University Professors to redo last year’s election for the position of chair of the Assembly of State Conferences (which consists of all of the state AAUP bodies). The department found that the association did not follow proper procedures in the election it held last year.
The Labor Department’s interest in the AAUP’s elections has also been of concern to the United University Professions, the faculty union of the State University of New York, which is affiliated with both the AAUP and the American Federation of Teachers.
At the UUP’s convention this month, a proposal was made to disaffiliate with the AAUP. The motion was tabled, pending a review by UUP leaders. A spokeswoman for the UUP said that one of the issues of concern was whether the Labor Department’s scrutiny of the AAUP’s election practices might extend in ways that would lead to challenges of election practices of the UUP.

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