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A Union is not going to happen

5/3/2010: The results of the Senate survey on unionization are here. The comments on the survey are also posted and are worth reading. The response rate is higher than the previous UO Matters survey, and the results are very clear:

The tenure track faculty are opposed more than 2 to 1.
The OA’s are opposed more than 3 to 1.
The NTTIF (Instructors) are in favor more than 2 to 1. (but low response)

I’ll make a bold prediction: The AFT/AAUP organizers will leave campus soon. The Union idea is dead, except perhaps among the NTTIF’s. I would argue they are getting the shaft and probably should have a Union. But realistically are unlikely to benefit much because they have low bargaining power even as a group. So what happened? The union organization was not too good and there was some internal dissension. But mainly I think people decided Lariviere was not just all hat.

That said I think the union scared the shit out of the administration and has reduced the level of arrogance and contempt we’ve been getting from them. The faculty who worked long and hard on this had an effect, and they should be praised for getting involved and trying to improve UO.

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