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Update: Diversity VP Charles Martinez – another verbal agreement.

5/18/2010 update: After a 2 year delay Dr. Martinez has now written up a description of his job duties, and he’s even posted it online. Now we just need to get President Lariviere to post it on the UO jobs site, and UO can have an open Affirmative Action compliant search for the position of Vice President for Diversity. Thanks Charles!

5/5/2010: UO does have a document showing how much we pay Diversity VP Charles Martinez, but there is no written contract spelling out what job duties he must perform in return for his pay (and his very unusual $23,306 annual stipend – which he takes as extra income.)

I asked Melinda Grier / Doug Park for his job description back in September. See below. I’ve now been told that UO is finally writing one. After the Bellotti scandal, a lot of things need to get cleaned up. Or maybe swept under the rug. Apparently his new written contract will ignore his double dipping off campus at OSLC, and will not require an open affirmative action compliant search for his position.

That’s right, at UO you can be the 0.75 time Vice President for Diversity also while holding a second 0.625 time job off campus, and without ever going through a public AA compliant open search. No affirmative action search for the Diversity Vice President. Before this, Martinez was the Diversity Vice Provost. No AA search then either. Before that, Martinez was the Interim Diversity Vice Provost. No AA search then either. Never.

And they will not even write out the job description, list the requirements for the position, or spell out the job duties. How about criteria for performance evaluations? You joker you. Looks like Martinez’s take is about $220,000 a year. Where do I sign up for these deals? Oh, wait, they’re verbal! I get it, bummer.

President Lariviere said about the Bellotti scandal: “This institution did not follow acceptable business practices in the past. That will not be repeated under my administration.” It seemed like he was serious. Any guesses on what will happen with Martinez?
No UO job description:

From: “General Counsel” [email protected]
Date: Sep 28, 2009 2:49:22 PDT
To: X
Subject: RE: public records request, Martinez exemption letter

Dear Professor X:

The only public records we have been able to locate that are responsive to your request for documents “describing OIED VP Charles Martinez’s current job responsibilities” may be found at  The University is waiving the costs associated with responding to this public records request.


University of Oregon
Office of the General Counsel

UO $ appointment:

Second OSLC Job:

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