Student Affairs promotions

7/15/2010: A reader points us to this announcement of a reorganization in the Student Affairs office. Looks pretty straightforward to me.

These “Notices of Intent to Promote” are required by UO’s Affirmative Action Plan – which was once again illegally backdated, and is now out of date yet again. As is the notice – the promotions took effect July 1. This isn’t a “Notice of intent” it’s a “Notice we already did this and forgot to tell anyone”.

I used to be a skeptic about AA. But the rules boil down to this: have public announcement of the job opening and an open search, or a good explanation for why not. Who could have any problem with that? And what does it take to get UO to follow the affirmative action laws?  Given Penny Daugherty‘s history, a new AA Director is step one.

I notice that AAEO lists two vacant positions on their website, but does not have any active searches. Anyone know what is going on there?

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