Frohnmayer teaches where?

8/24/2010: There are still some weird parts to Dave Frohnmayer’s retirement gig. While his new TRP contract is all about the law school, Frohnmayer is in the class schedule as teaching a mix of law and honors college courses.

Looks to me like he was planning to continue collecting his $245,700 emeritus paycheck, hoping no one would notice. Then when I made a public records request for a copy of his current contract, Academic Affairs realized they didn’t have anything in writing for him. Sound familiar? So they rushed together a new contract, using the template for regular law professor. The law term ended May 15, so they made this contract retroactive to then. They still haven’t figured out how to reconcile the teaching load.

Since Dave’s old contract was for 12 months, and now he’s just a regular professor, so they immediately cut 3/12s from his pay. Ouch. Additionally, by going on TRP immediately after sabbatical/leave, Dave is supposedly required to repay UO his sabbatical salary. Apparently no one thought of that wrinkle. Academic Affairs reports that there have been a few exceptions to that rule, but not of this sort. Do you think he is going to repay UO anything?

Frohnmayer did a lot of sleazy stuff over the years. He hired and promoted some real disasters, destroyed all sense of trust and respect between the faculty and the administration, ignored academics, sold us out to the Jocks and didn’t even get the market rate, and did everything he could to keep faculty salaries in the basement while padding his own pay with the assets of the UO Foundation.

Then, after retiring about 10 years too late, rather than just collect what will surely be the largest PERS pension in Oregon history, Frohnmayer had to use his last bit of influence at OUS to set up a special deal for himself as “President Emeritus”. Ryan Hagemann at OUS was so embarrassed by this contract he spent months trying to hide it from public records requests. And when that deal wasn’t enough Dave decided to get another job at Harrang Long et al. while on sabbatical. Then when that scam collapsed, he finally went on TRP – and even there apparently couldn’t resist trying to screw UO out of his sabbatical pay.

You sort of wish the guy had some sense of dignity and respect for his office. Too bad.

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