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Pres holds budget crisis Town Hall, asks faculty & OA’s to take pay cuts

That would be former President Dave Frohnmayer, in April 2009. The previous year Frohnmayer had negotiated a $150K raise for himself, and at the time of this public meeting he was negotiating a golden parachute retirement contract that  included a paid sabbatical which he used to restart his legal career…

Kate Brown signs legal aid bill that Frohnmayer and Gary opposed

3/7/2014 update: A year after the initially undisclosed lobbying efforts of HLGR’s Dave Frohnmayer and Bill Gary helped defeat the first attempt:


March 4, 2015

Governor Kate Brown Signs Legal Aid Bill

(Salem, OR) — Today, Governor Kate Brown signed House Bill 2700, sending unclaimed damage awards to legal aid, instead of going back to the company that was sued.

“This law makes Oregon’s class action laws fair for all Oregonians and ensures that corporations who are responsible compensate for the harm they have caused, and helps support our critically underfunded legal services,” said Governor Kate Brown.  link to photos

3/6/2014: Buying Dave Frohnmayer pays off big for Philip Morris and BP Legal aid bill defeated in Senate, 15-15:

The concern, expressed openly by several Republican senators, is that they will now be painted as wanting to help Big Oil and Big Tobacco – both targets of class action suits in Oregon — instead of the average or low-income voter.

Dave is obviously a talented lobbyist. I wonder why he couldn’t get the legislature to give deals like this to UO, back when he was president? We didn’t properly incentivize him?

2/23/2014 update: RG Editors dismiss Frohnmayer and Gary arguments, note 48 other states now do this, and support HB 4143.

2/22/2014 update: Steve Duin has an excellent review of the conflict of interest issues swirling around Frohnmayer’s opposition to HB 4143, which would take unclaimed damages from class action settlements against his clients like Philip Morris, and use it to fund legal aid for the poor. Currently Oregon lets the corporations have it back, if they can’t find the people it’s owed to. In the Oregonian, here:

Tobacco lawyer and oil company lobbyist Dave Frohnmayer quoted in the NYT

Here, in a story about state AG’s selling out to energy companies, in exchange for campaign contributions: “When you use a public office, pretty shamelessly, to vouch for a private party with substantial financial interest without the disclosure of the true authorship, that is a dangerous practice,” said David B.…

Live-blog lite: UO Trustees finance committee to meet Tu, 9AM, Room 403 Alumni Center

Packed agenda here. Board of Trustees of the University of Oregon Finance and Facilities Committee Meeting June 3, 2014 Tuesday, June 3, 2014 – Public Meeting – Ford Alumni Center, Room 403 9:00am 1.0 Convene  Call to Order and Welcome  Roll Call Looks like a full house, about…

Frohnmayer takes umbrage, RG calls for PERS transparency

2/3/2013 update. Former UO President Frohnmayer sends the email below, correcting several points on the post below, and giving his opinion on others. The last email I got from Frohnmayer also vaguely threatened a defamation lawsuit, but he dropped that after the state Audits Division told him he really was under investigation.…

UO bosses defend pay raises

9/3/2011: That’s the headline of today’s RG story by Diane Dietz: When University of Oregon President Richard Lariviere returns from today’s football game in Texas, he will have to produce a report justifying why the UO gave pay raises worth about $1.9 million a year to about 390 administrators several…

Frohnmayer repays salary to UO

7/20/2011: When UO President Dave Frohnmayer retired he negotiated a very sweet retirement deal with OUS Chancellor George Pernsteiner. Too sweet. A week after someone raised questions about the unusual salary Frohnmayer received last summer – no work expectations and 3 retroactive contracts – Frohnmayer had to write UO out…