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Frohnmayer files bar complaint

5/19/2011: In case you were wondering what UO’s best paid professor is up to now. Jeff Manning in the Oregonian:

Two influential Oregon lawyers have accused the current top criminal lawyer in the state Justice Department of lying to suspects to intimidate them, which they claim violates Oregon State Bar ethical rules.

Bill Gary and Dave Frohnmayer filed a complaint Friday with the Oregon State Bar accusing Sean Riddell, the Justice Department’s chief criminal counsel, of violating at least four bar ethics rules during the course of an investigation of an Energy Department contract. Gary and Frohnmayer represent Mark Long, former Energy Department interim director.

“Mr. Riddell repeatedly and unequivocally lied to witnesses and coerced and intimidated them in order to deceive those witnesses into making statements that Mr. Riddell could then use to make unfounded charges against the targets of his investigation,” wrote Gary and Frohnmayer. “As a direct result, innocent individuals have had their lives turned upside down and their careers and reputations irreparably damaged. Mr. Riddell’s actions have wasted hundreds of thousands of tax dollars and have damaged the credibility and the integrity of the criminal justice system.” 

Lying lawyers. I’m shocked. The full complaint is here. I was so naive before reading this reality check from Dave – a man known across campus for his probity. He must truly be appalled. And this Riddell chap seems to have sold his soul on the cheap too. Very bad precedent. The bar will be all over him for that.

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