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Top PERS include Bellotti and Frohnmayer

From the SJ. More in this Oregonian story. The searchable list of all with annual payout > $100,000 is here. Many familiar UO names.

Top 10 (based on 10-1-11 Gross Monthly Allowance)

1. Robert Bellotti: $41,341.67
2. Frederick Keller: $31,459.45
3. Lesley Hallick: $23,917.22
4. Steven Goldschmidt: $21,517.24
5. David Frohnmayer: $21,027.21
6. Peter Kohler: $20,252.33
7. Frank Anderson: $20,209.13
8. William Korach: $20,068.81
9. Peter Vonhippel: $19,677.95
10. Anthony Montanaro: $19,477.82

Here’s a copy of Frohnmayer’s golden parachute contract.  Here’s the State Audits Division report on his contract – which notes a few irregularities with it and the retroactive no work summer contracts VP Russ Tomlin wrote Frohnmayer:

Word down at the faculty club is that Frohnmayer will be picking up another $100,000 or so for teaching 3 classes this spring. Two of them are “Leadership” courses in Political Science and the Honors College, co-taught with his former special assistant and Jungian psychologist Barbara West.  The other is a 1 credit, week long course in the law school.


  1. Anonymous 11/22/2011

    I would like to know just what public service Bellotti provided to the tax payers of Oregon to earn over $41,000 a month in retirement benefits. Is coaching football a public service? Isn’t the athletic department supposedly self funded?

    Write your representatives and the governor to put an end to this! Athletics employees are not public employees and should not be receiving a penny from PERS.

  2. Anonymous 11/22/2011

    That is idiotic. Athletic employees are public employees, whether anyone likes it or not — it’s the law, like it or not.

    And of course, the pension is paid out of contributions made on his behalf into his pension account. Very, very little of that money came from state taxes.

    Now with the professors on that list, that is a somewhat different matter!

  3. Anonymous 11/23/2011

    Bullshit. Tax payer money is being used to pay him and administer those payments. The interest paid on the base pension so that the payments continue are indeed tax payer funded. Again I ask just what public service Bellotti has performed? None. Put a title on it all you want, $41,000 a month is ridiculous. It might be law and that still does not make it right. This needs to change. With ludicrous payments like this being made to people who do not perform a public service it will be a short ride before PERS goes south the way of Social Security. No wonder the state is broke.

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