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Frohnmayer repays salary to UO

7/20/2011: When UO President Dave Frohnmayer retired he negotiated a very sweet retirement deal with OUS Chancellor George Pernsteiner. Too sweet. A week after someone raised questions about the unusual salary Frohnmayer received last summer – no work expectations and 3 retroactive contracts – Frohnmayer had to write UO out a personal check, reimbursing us for a chunk of it. The SOS Audits division looked into this and wrote a report identifying some other issues as well.

He’s no longer on the UO payroll. I don’t think I’ll post the report. I suppose the photocopy of his check is a public record, but whatever. He is still listed as a law professor – helps get clients, I suppose – and he still has his office suite in Chapman. But he paid us back, and he’s off the payroll – good enough for me.

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  1. Anonymous 07/21/2011

    No wonder the poor guy hasta work for $550/hr
    during retirement — to help cover that fat
    reimbursement check he wrote UO!

    And please — post the report…

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