Oregonian reports on HLGR’s latest effort to suck the state’s sugar tit dry,

as Huey Long would have put it.

Steve Duin has the latest doings of UO’s law firm. No word on what role Frohnmayer and Rudnick might play. Duin’s report on an earlier effort is here. And here’s the twisted story of how HLGR came to get the apparently endless UO legal services contract, just as they were hiring retiring UO President Dave Frohnmayer.

By my math UO and the state have paid Frohnmayer about $1.25M in PERS and about $750,000 in salary since he retired as president in summer 2009. About $250K of that salary was while he was restarting his legal career at HLGR. Add in whatever he got from the Long lawsuit – not to mention his work for big tobacco and for BP, lobbying to kill money for legal services for the poor. His UO salary won’t end until May 2015, docs here.

That $940K our Trustees just paid Gottfredson – also apparently negotiated by HLGR, at ~$300 an hour? It’s beginning to look like we got off cheap.

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