P&L statements on Texas Professors

9/16/2010: From a report in the Chronicle by Katherine Margan:

Faculty members at Texas A&M University are, by and large, generating more money than they are costing the university, although some of the most prestigious professors would appear to be operating in the red, according to a controversial report prepared by the university system as a move toward greater accountability.

This is apparently stirring up a lot of anger among some professors. I’m not sure why, obviously this is just a small part of what we do but it is a part.

I did these calculations a while ago for President Emeritus Frohnmayer, on the argument that people should know exactly how much his golden parachute costs the rest of the faculty. I got some angry comments – presumably from Frohnmayer – on that post. Then this summer, I asked to see his current year contract. He hadn’t signed one, but he was still getting paid – in summer. That raised a few red flags, and Russ Tomlin quickly put him on the regular TRP retirement plan, cutting his cost to UO by about $200,000 a year. The power of information.

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