President, Governor on student spas and administrative bloat

9/28/2010: President Obama that is:

In a conference call with student journalists on Monday, President Obama renewed his calls for reining in college costs, saying that every institution should provide a chart showing how each tuition dollar is spent. He also questioned the need for expensive amenities. “You’re not going to a university to join a spa,” he told the students. The president said improving the economy—to help shore up state budgets—is crucial to improving affordability, but he argued that colleges need to be mindful of teaching loads as well. Colleges should “give professors the opportunity to engage in work outside the classroom that advances knowledge,” he said, “but at the same time reminding faculties that their primary job is to teach.” (From

Does this mean he supports Grassley’s plan to eliminate the tax subsidies for giving to athletic programs? Meanwhile the Governor of Indiana comments on administrative bloat, in the Indy-Star:

Gov. Mitch Daniels told a large group of college trustees Monday that the days of top-heavy campuses — where administrators get the biggest slice of the budget pie — must come to an end. … Citing studies that show spending on administrator salaries, office space and nonteaching supplies outpaced spending for instructional costs, Daniels said “that is a lopsided way to deliver resources.” …  Daniels cited a national study released a few weeks ago by the Goldwater Institute in Arizona. It found the number of full-time administrators for every 100 students at 189 top U.S. universities had increased by 39 percent from 1993 to 2007.

UO’s administrative spending was 96% of the average in 2008 – before all the recent hires. Our research spending was 63%.

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