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UO’s new budget model

9/10/2010: VP for Budget and Planning Brad Shelton has a new website for his new Budget Model. We just got the news, but it looks like another big step forward for transparency at UO. I particularly like the no bullshit FAQ. Example:

Why would you use a budget system that clearly does not adequately support graduate education?

It is a simple reality that most graduate student education is expensive and must be subsidized from other sources. No budget model can be held responsible for this fact. The Oregon Budget Model represents the reality of graduate funding as accurately as possible so that each Responsibility Unit within the University can formulate its own principles and strategies on how best to subsidize graduate education. Additionally, under the OBM the tuition remissions of all administrative Graduate Teaching Fellows will be fully funded by the central administration. This represents a direct central investment in graduate education of over 2 million dollars per year.

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