$90 thousand for research, $1.5 million for DPS

10/6/2010: From the announcement of UO’s summer research awards program, below:

“It is anticipated that up to twenty awards in the amount of $4,500 each will be granted.”

That’s as much as $90,000! This could increase UO’s research expenditures from 63.25% of average to 63.33%! Meanwhile, in the past 3 years the budget for the Department of Public Safety has increased from $2 million to $3.5 million.

Update: Sorry, we’re still at 63.25%. The SRA program last year was for the same $90K.

Who determines UO’s spending priorities? Frances Dyke? Jim Bean? Richard Lariviere?

DATE: 10/5/2010

TO: UO Tenured, Tenure Track Faculty and Non-Tenure Track Faculty
FROM: Moira Kiltie, Assistant Vice President for Research
RE: 2011 Summer Research Awards

This memo announces the 2011 Summer Research Awards (SRA) competition for faculty supported by the Office of Research and Faculty Development. The deadline for receipt of 2011 proposals is 5:00 pm, November 30, 2010.  Applications are available online at http://rfd.uoregon.edu/content/summer-research-awards-2011.
Due to the number of applications that have not conformed to the guidelines in the last few years, we are making a change to the submission process and to the guidelines. Proposals will be reviewed by staff for conformity with stated guidelines. If submitted proposals conform, notice will be given of their acceptance.  If they do not conform they will be returned to the applicant no later the afternoon of December 3, 2010.  Applicants will have 72 hours to resubmit in conformity with guidelines.  Applications that do not conform to the guidelines by 5pm December 6th will be returned without review.  If you have questions about the process, please call Mary Fechner at 6-3196 or Robert Long at 6-2293.

The purpose of the SRA program is to stimulate research by providing faculty with sustained time for scholarly and academic endeavor. Proposals may be submitted by faculty who meet the eligibility criteria (see below). It is anticipated that up to twenty awards in the amount of $4,500 each will be granted.

The Summer Research Awards Committee, composed of faculty designated by the University Senate, evaluate SRA proposals. Proposals will be judged on the basis of their scholarly or artistic merit and the extent to which they advance knowledge in a particular field. What usually differentiates proposals that receive funding from those that do not is that funded proposals are written in jargon-free language and provide a coherent and succinct statement of the project that can be understood by a committee composed of researchers from a variety of disciplines. Award recipients will be notified on or about February 15, 2010.

Please see the Proposal Guidelines, for all eligibility, proposal preparation notes and award conditions for the program. Proposal development assistance is available from RFD staff (see below).

If you have questions about the program or if you would like help with you r submission, please contact Mary Fechner ([email protected]; 6-3196) or Robert Long ([email protected]; 6-2293). If you have accounting and award distribution questions please contact Naomi Crow ([email protected]; 6-2873).

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