Affirmative Action late again

11/10/2010: I used to be a skeptic about Affirmative Action. But the rules boil down to this: have a public announcement of job openings and an open search – or a good explanation for why not. If you are spending taxpayer’s money, report your hiring practices and outcomes to the feds once a year in an AA plan. Who could have a problem with that? UO does.

Under Director Penny Daugherty, UO’s Affirmative Action Office has a long history of failing to prepare federally required Affirmative Action Plans, and then trying to cover this up.

UO has now beefed up the office with 2 new hires: Anne Bonner and Judith Rideout. Ms Rideout apparently has a lot of expertise preparing AA plans. The office is now considerably overstaffed relative to comparable schools, and here’s hoping Ms Daugherty is – finally – headed for retirement.

Meanwhile, the current plan is out of date once again. The 2010-2011 plan should have been posted July 1 and is now over 3 months late. The federal OFCCP has warned Ms Daugherty about this before, and now she is again refusing to answer emails about when it will be ready. If you are hiring, be sure and ask her if this puts UO at risk when it comes to AA compliance.

Seems like every time Ms Daugherty fails to do the update, Frances Dyke gives her another raise. She’s currently at $99,814.

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