Michael Moffitt, internal hire for Law Dean

12/15/2010: Greg Bolt has a substantive piece on the promotion of Michael Moffitt to law school dean. Mat Wolf of the ODE has another. The search did include outside candidates. Moffitt’s plans apparently include raising money to expand the building – which, I believe, was Phil Knight’s last contribution to UO’s academic side. Bolt says:

Although tuition at the law school is high compared to undergraduate tuition — about $24,000 a year — it remains low compared to many public law schools, Moffitt said. The school will have to use caution in raising that figure if it wants to be accessible, but he said some tuition increases will have to be part of the funding mix.

My understanding is that the Law school is currently heavily subsidized by CAS, and that Brad Shelton’s new budget model call for (very) gradual decreases in that subsidy.

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