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Oregon Supreme court to hold properly noticed public meeting on Bar exam, today

Elevator version: The Oregon Supreme Court tells the Oregon Board of Bar Examiners that they must add a new at-home bar exam for October, and give “diploma privilege” to all Oregon and most other law school 2020 grads, allowing them the right to practice law in Oregon if they can find…

The first thing we do, let’s cut our law students’ tuition & make the undergrads pay

UO – meaning mostly CAS – has been subsidizing our money pit of a law school since Michael Moffitt’s “business school case-study dream” turned out to be a scam. Today UO’s Trustees let them raise tuition – but instead of paying back their debt they’re going to use it to…

Dean Burke welcomes Knight Law School’s most heavily subsidized class yet

About $23K each. Most of that will come from regular UO undergraduate students’ tuition payments, to discount the tuition of mostly out-of-state law school students: According to the terms of this 2014 MOU the law school was to get a temporary bailout from UO’s general fund, peaking at $3M, then…

Legislature to add ~$100M to PUSF, Gov Brown wants more

6/7/2019 update: Legislature to add ~$100M to PUSF, Gov Brown wants more

That’s the rumor today. According to Pres Schill’s proposal below, $120M would keep UO’s tuition increase below the 5% trigger for HECC review, and also save Duck AD Rob Mullens a couple hundred large to help pay for his new baseball coach.

5/20/2019 update: Update: Millions from staff and students, not a cent from Duck athletics or Law

President Schill has sent his tuition increase recommendations to the BOT, below. His proposal cuts TFAB’s support for low income students, keeps the LERC and museum cuts, and leaves athletic subsidies untouched. The TFAB’s proposal was for a progressive increase in financial aid as tuition increased. Pres Schill’s recommendation is for only $350K in new financial aid, and that only if the tuition increase goes above 5%, the level which triggers HECC review.

Meanwhile, the “temporary” budget funding for law school scholarships increases by $190K. Of the $44M in fee remissions President Schill mentions below, $7M or goes to UO’s ~410 law school students, for an average of $17,100 each, per year. (I don’t know how it’s split up). The other $37M is divided among UO’s 22,350 other students, for an average of $1,650.

Law School commences search for new dean to replace Moffitt

The search committee is here: Paul Elstone, Sr. Associate Vice President, Development, [email protected] Jennifer Espinola, Dean of Students, School of Law, [email protected] Ibrahim Gassama, Professor, School of Law, [email protected] Tom Lininger, Professor, School of Law, [email protected] Mohsen Manesh, Associate Professor, School of Law, [email protected] Michelle McKinley, Professor, School of Law,…